A few things about me

New Beginings!

This is as cliche as it gets. But hey, I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and start my own……. oh and the fact that I spend SOOOOO much time on the net. So if you are gagging and thinking, ugh! tough, that’s just how it is!

Can`t believe how much change is happening this year and I need a place to chronicle all of it. We (that is me and Big Al) are moving from the UK to destination… wait for it…. nah, not comfortable saying it yet.  Just think that there are still too many phsycos out there. The boxes are packed almost finished. There is already a sign outside the house that says “TO LET” in nice big letters. The neighbours are kinda shocked. We just moved in and now we are moving out.  Its stupid of me, but I do feel sorry for the landlords.

If I say so myself, we are good tenants. Anyone would love to have us as tenants. Now the landlords have to go through the whole thingamajig to get new tenants and……….  why am I worrying about it??? Its not even my problem.

I had chicken pox. Horrible horrible thing. How I never got it as a child boggles my mind……and I grew up in Africa (as they like to say here in Europe)… which reminds me… yesterday we were watching a gardening programme on TV (don`t ask….we watched it!!!). Anyway very interesting. With all the change and relocation, I am going to start my own little veggie and flower garden. So the presenter goes to this lovely little garden and is talking to the lady about it. It was a patchwork of veggies and plants and he says.

Presenter: “It reminds me of Africa… the patchwork of plants”

Lady: “yes, it is lovely, I lived in Africa.”

And I was screaming at the TV … “Where in Africa you danda heads. Africa is big.. So the garden reminded you of the whole of Africa”

The Africa thing really gets on my nerve! Really does!


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