A few things about me

Last night was the first night. I now have 41 more nights to go.

So I called my boss today to make sure that we both were on the same page regarding my sick note. I have to go back to work next week. I am a little worried as how to occupy myself. But there is so much to be done in the interim, that maybe I should just chill out and return when the sick note expires. A trip to London is eminent. And I need a day off, so maybe I will hang on. The pox marks have crusted and dried. Some on the body are falling off. My face is semi-presentable. Foundation and powder seem to be doing the trick. Not that I have tried the foundation. just the powder.
I am not happy with the letting agents. Today I was pottering around the house….. had just finished cleaning it, when I noticed there was this lady manga-manga-ring(loitering) outside my house. Since I took the oath to be a nosy neighbour, I opened the door and asked if I could be of help. She stated they, another lady had joined her, were here to view the house. That in itself is not a problem at all. The problem is that the letting agents did not call me to notify me of this. I let them view. Two nice young women and they had a look and went away.

……………I have just called the lettings agent and she seems very surprised because there is already an application on the house. There was no appointment to view the house. Foolish Foolish me.. I let them in… well now I know.  Nobody comes in my house  without an agent.



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