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Dentist Visit

Finally after so many efforts to see a dentist in the past 2 years, I finally went and saw a PROPER dentist. With all the extreme make up shows on TV, I will admit my self esteem had been taking a beating everytime I happened to think about my teeth.
I was raised in a part of Nairobi that is renowed for the excess fluorine in the water and so me, my sis and other kids and adults had our teeth looking like this (click on link to see images). A lot of kenyans have teeth like this.


(still trying to figure out how to make the link into one word…..)

The dentist was fab. He is a Kenyan-Asian so he knew what he was looking at and engaged me in the whole issue. Asked me what I thought caused it and I told him. And he confirmed that I was right. I had believed it was also caused by tetracyline but he said tetracycline cause grey discolouration etc. Unlike another idiot I refuse to call a dentist who said to me the reason my teeth were discoloured is because of the fact my lips don’t meet and so at night when I slept the air was against my teeth and in the long run caused the discolouration. This dentist was an NHS (british medical system) dentist. I never went back.
I also learned something new. I have an overbite that is 8″ apart where are the normal overbite is 4″.. ok maybe he didn’t say inches but centimeters. So he asked me if I wanted braces. Still thinking about that.

All in all my teeth are strong and in good shape apart for some little little work required. So I go back tomorrow and then on Friday he gets to see me to arrange for the bleaching. Good dentist said I did not need veneers. Was never going to go for them anyway. So I am really really happy with my new dentist. Two of the teeth will require bleaching at the dentist but the rest is all good.

Did I say I like my dentist……..


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