A few things about me

God and Christianity

I was brought up in christian home. Not a particulary religious home, but we prayed and went to church. I went to a missionary founded high school and being Christian or “savedee” was a cool as cool could be. Since then I have had an on and off relationship with God and Christianity.

At this point in time we are on. However this time it is with a difference. I figured if I am going to believe in something, I may as well research it and know EXACTLY what I believe. So I have delved into the realms of a History of Christianity.

A lot of what I am finding is raising more questions that  answers. As part of the research I have also been reading the bible. I have a funky pink bible called ICONNECT. love it. Its very girly! I am about to finish the book of Isaiah and Romans. Of the new testament, I have completed John and Luke.

I have been reading the bible with two mindsets. One as a researcher and the other as believer….. …..there is just soo much. e.g. Was Isaiah meant for all of us Gentiles or only for the Jews? Who wrote it? So what if the critics can’t decide who wrote it.

How did the bible come to be. Is it myth, allegory, the insprired word of God. Why do I still believe inspite of all the questions asked. Does the trinity exist. Is it even important. Do I have to take a stand on the whole trinity thing! Why so many sects of christianity. Starting with Peter the Apostle and Paul the convertee?? Huh Huh?

The main thing I ask myself-

  • Do you believe?
  • Is God real to you

The answers to those questions pretty much will dictate my stance. But another questions beggars answering

  • Why do I believe
  • What is the foundation of my faith
  • Do I know the history of my faith……

And so it goes….


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