A few things about me

Teeth Cleaned

My second trip to the dentist. Only this time I saw the hygenist and had my teeth cleaned. They feel really clean and the gums feel itchy in some parts, like I want to put my finger between the teeth and gum and rub the itch away. Don’t want to eat anything. Afraid to mess them up. The last time I had them cleaned was about 4 to 5 years ago. Apart from the cosmetic issues I could actually see the build up of plaque/tartar and that was getting on my nerve. For the past 3 months there was like a little nudge in my mind and it kept going “get your teeth cleaned.. get your teeth sorted out”. Very pleased with it all. Tomorrow is my last visit. Maybe I will bleach maybe I will not, the jury is still out.

Got to find a way to keep busy today. So see ya later.


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