A few things about me

Good Health

In past 3 years I have gained an appreciation for my health and have developed a true understanding of the saying “Health is wealth”.

Recovering from chickenpox has been a rollercoaster. I am espeically proud that I was not a grumpy sick person. I have a tendency to feel extremely sorry for myself and those who refuse to join the party tend to be black listed in my books… hey… I am human!!

The road to recovery seems frought with all sorts of little niggling things. On Thursday an itch that surpassed all itches was upon me. Friday was just horrendous, if you saw me on the streets you would have thought I had been plagued by some unknown itch mites. Saturday the horrendous became horriblous.. I was almost at my breaking point, then Sunday it begun to subside and today has been a good day.

Now I seem to have some upper tract infection. My research on rusty phelgm (nasty stuff… bear with me!!) has scared the bejees out of me so I have kinda left that alone, but my throat feels funny and strange.

Lord, I will do whatever You want, just get me well. Amen.

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