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“No room in the Inn”

……for the unskilled african immigrant trying to enter Europe. I am
sitting watching a documentary about it and I will be back later to
post more.

I have just finished watching the show "Living with Illegal Immigrant".
The program was presented by Sorious Samura a Sierra Leonian journalist
now living and working in the UK. To find out more about the program and more of his documentaris visit:

I have soo many thoughts on this issue I do not even know where to start.
Wherever I watch anything about Africa or Africans I always find myself
holding my breath in anticipation of something. It is a feeling that I
have noted most Africans I know have when we watch issues on TV about

The feelings are shame, guilt, anger, relief and a sense of superiority. I feel guilty for admitting this, but there it is.

Today's show saw Mr. Samura join a group of African immigrants at the point
where Europe meets Africa i.e. somewhere in southern Spain. From there
he begun the trip to the "glory land" United Kingdom. The final
destination for African Immigrants. It is a sad sad story. One of
humiliation, desparation, hunger and betrayal.

I cannot help but question why us? Why Africans. Why are we always
seemingly at the
bottom of the barrel. There is no denying that in the Continent that is
Africa lags far behind western nations and the tiger nations of Asia. I
have explored every possible theory and still cannot accept the
explanations given. From exploitation by colonial powers to the cycle
of civilisation… sorry, I ain't buying it. For some reason our
standard of life on the continent sucks. We die of AIDS due to our own
ignorance. We kill each other due our greed. We have had 40+ years as a
continent, bar South Africa and Namibia to try and get the whole thing
right and countries like Zimbabwe the only beacon of hope go ahead and
self destruct……..

Yet at the same time we have so many things that are uniquely beautiful and African
and make me proud to be African and more specifically Kenyan-Ugandan.
……. I am rambling.

Back to my feelings. These programs of home (as I call it) are
always about starving kids, unbelievable
poverty, famine, immigration and butchering each other.. The positive
shows are always about frigging animals. "The Elephants of Samburu"
"The Lions story" blah blah blah. Like we have only two stories. No
wonder the average European sees the African as starving child
needing a saviour. The image is not balanced and because it is not, I
sometimes feel aware of myself as a black person and think everyone is
looking at me and judging me for being here and sucking up tax payers
money. Never mind I or rather my father contributed thousands of pounds
to the economy by way of school fees. Or that I have been employed ever
since finishing school.

I feel I have to justify my presense in Europe and yet, I am
rightfully here and a part of me tells
me I have every right to be here why feel guilty. The superiority
comes in when I see "those Africans" (to you, the immigrants) and feel
well at least I am not like you, I got my papers right, I came on a
plane etc…and it is wrong. I understand why they do it, I know why
they do it and who am I to deny someone the right to a comfortable life
the only way they know how…..

I am not making sense…. to close to the situation… I need to go.

To all the immigrants. Good luck. Like the man said on TV today

"In Dafur they shoot you… pam! In Europe they kill you slowly every day you die a little"

Theargument for and against illegal unskilled immigration into Europe is a
dialogue I have not strenght for. Been there done that and my
opinion is in here.

Goodnight. Gotta pack.





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