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Body Dressing

Serena Williams

I'll be back to comment on the dress.. ..


My take on this dress and others I have seen her in is simply woi! And to think this is one of the better dresses I have seen her in

Serena is a big girl. Not big as in fat, but big as in muscular and with a big frame. (Personally I think she used to use steriods…just my personal opinion and I may be wrong)

Thing is, you cannot dress a big framed woman's body in a girly girly dress. It does not work like that.

Don't even get me started on that thing sitting on her head!! 

Mrembo’s Photos: Pics trial run 2

I seem to have got a few requests to view my photo album. I orginally set up for my family and close friends. I am having a few issues making the albums public, so I have decided to set up one public album for all you who are curious to see me. Most of them are from last year summer and are all me. No family.

I think I figured how to post pics. Below is Oprah in a dress I absolutely love and have promised to sew it myself when I finally get a sewing machine.

So to see me click on the mrembo album and it will be the third album that has pics of me. The other two will remain closed.


 The dress

15 mins later……..

I think I think I have done it.. I think..maybe..

 The dress

Hair today:Weighty Matters

I happen to possess a full head of scantly (as my nigerian braider defined it) distributed, off-black nappy hair, with which I have a love-hate relationship.

A few years ago, I decided I had had enough of permed (chemically altered) hair and thanks to www.nappturality.com I joined the nappy hair club. Fast forward to 5+years, 2 perms, numerous hair cuts and finally to today. I woke up, went to work, came home and cut off my hair, yet again. I seem to go through a phase each year where I just have to cut my hair. I am now of the firm opinion that the lenght (or rather height given that napps grow up instead of down) at which it is now, best suits me, both in its shrunken form and stretched out. I am very pleased and mostly that I did the job myself.

Off to another topic.

Big Al and I are looking for a gym, actually we have found one. The sales rep was really good and like all people who make the effort to speak to me in English here in Denmark, she's in my good books. She went through the whole sales pitch and blah blah …. It got interesting when she said we get to measure our body fat. Big Al got on first and came out with a staggering 24% body fat and I was smugly looking on thinking to myself  "well done girl less than 25% for you" Next was my turn so I confidently jumped on the machine and sales rep punches in all the numbers… wait for it, wait for it…. ati 39.5% body fat!!! :-O

The whole thing was just so outrageous I did not and cannot even get annoyed. See I am totally convincied the machine has a big prob. When it asked for "type of body" sales rep entered "standard female body". Now I am a tall girl. I stand 5feet 10inches and a half… tall. My frame is not exactly Naomi Campbell nor is it Serena Williams… ok maybe it is… … but that is besides the point 39.5% body fat and to think I had said to her I only want to lose 5kilos…..

As far as I am concerned. THE MACHINE LIED! tosha gari! (nuff said)

I have gotta do it!!

The guys at Kenyablog have sent me a polite reminder to complete my registration with them and ensure that thier log appears on the front page of this blog. I am having a hell of time doing it……..dial up is a pain in the behind! 😦

So here we go again trying to do it.  

Yesterday I wrote so much stuff, I then clicked publish, not once but twice and the little thingy at the bottom of my screen said "done", so I went to "view my site" and nothing had been published. I ofcourse could not press the "forward or back" buttons to recover what I had written, so I am having a kinda rant at the moment. I swear this blogrollring had better work!

Living in Denmark.

I think it’s a good thing that I am no longer counting the passing days. I am settling into a routine, carving out a place for me and myself here and it is going alright.

Patience is the key and much as I have always known this, these last few days have reinforced the truth that I need to LEARN to be patient!. If I could have it my way, well, I would have found a job, house and car by now and everything would be honky dory!.

Don’t have much to say today.

Site Management and Danmark

I am doing my level best to learn how to do all the funky things one can do on a blog, like load a picture, get the blog ring thingamajig to show on the front page. It´s taking time… I´ll get there.

Today is day 8 in Denmark and so far so good. Hey, I am at a computer blogging, what else could be wrong. I promised to write more about Denmark when I got my thoughts together. My "creative muse" seems to have taken a short holiday and I find myself unable to compose anything worth putting down.

Denmark has a population of 5.6million people and by gad do you feel it. I have always lived in a city so this whole outback boondoos living takes some getting used to. The landscape is flat rolling with vasts pieces of farming land. At the moment it is all black with manure in preparation for planting, brown with dead harvest or green with grass (crop rotation stuff blah blah!).

I have not yet truly interacted with Danes. The official business I had to do, all the registering to get all the vital numbers was painless. The people were ok and at least made the effort to respond in English when I spoke directly to them. I start my danish lessons when I get my numbers (which I was promised would take about 3 weeks). It is there that I hope to start the socialisation process albeit with non-danes.

The job thing… eh, I have a small gig at the family bakery! yeah! working 4 hours a day. Today I am at an office doing some consulting gig thingy… so like I said, one day at time.

that´s all for now.


It is exactly one week and one day that I packed my bags, quit my job and hopped on a plane to join Big Al in Denmark!

Have I been through the wringer or wot!!!! 🙂

I don't even know where to start or what to say. At the moment the jury is still out on "how we feel about Denmark". It will probably be a long deliberation and a decision is yet to be reached… so hang on to your pants and lets take the ride one day at a time.

The one shocker was that EVERYTHING and I mean EVERTYTHING shuts down on the Easter Weekend and almost nothing opens on Sunday, so if like me you are a busy body that likes to be in and among people (as in a city girl born and bred where nothing really ever shuts down except on Sundays after 4pm) then that will be a big big shock.

We also discovered, after 5 days of great anticipation, that we live too far from the telephone exchange system to get BROADBAND internet connection!! Now hear me out!. Yes, I was born and raised in Kenya/Uganda where internet, let alone broadband was a thing of the mid nineties.. so it,s not like I have always had it. However I lived in the UK for the past 5 years and since the 1st week there I had internet connection and I grew completely dependant on it. It was comfortable knowing it was there even if I spent only 10 mins on it. So you can understand my disappointment after great anticipation…. Right now I am getting my fix on a dial up and I will not complain cause this dial up connection is much faster than the connection at the cyber cafes in Nairobi and Kampala.

Today was a good day in Denmark. I am literally taking it one day at a time. The last 4 days were not so good days. Big Al has been a gem! (poor thing! putting up with mood swings from hell!) Tomorrow seems like it will be a fine day…. but right now it is one day, each day at the time.

Anyone relocating to Denmark all I can say is………………………………….

I would really like to hear from people who have relocated from their home countries to a new country that was non English speaking… how did that go?

When I get my thoughts more together, I will post more. I think I might manage a post a day or two.