A few things about me


Yesterday I stumbled onto a minefield of blogs by Kenyans! To say I am excited is an understatement! I am more like :-D. To think that all these years I have been reading other people's blogs that there was a multitude of Kenyan blogs quietly going about their days without much fuss…. ahh.. I shall presume to say that it almost feels like finding a millon pounds.

My only gripe is this… most are all about politics politics politics… and of course I have been comparing mine and thinking… "you need to be a bit more intelligent with your posts"…. however after a good think I came to the conclusion…."I just can't be bothered".

So here is to the frivolous and politically challenged blogs!!!

On that note, my hair is bugging me. It is tangled, dry and I am about to take the scissors to it. This whole natural business sometimes gets on my frigging nerves. I have been wearing braid extentions since last autum in a bid to grow out my perm. Yup my hair is growing but yikes… I see why I have fallen off the natural wagon two times since. Anyway, getting it braided again on Saturday. I am determined to grow it long, prove my point then we will see what happens next.


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