A few things about me

How the heck could I forget. As you know, I went to the dentist sometime ago and after some consideration decided to have my teeth done ….as in bleached.

I am proud to report that I am now a member of the white teeth club!!! hehehehe! and by God does it feel good. 

The change is dramatic and I am thinking to getting the home bleaching tray stuff to have on hand… donno… just think I should have it. They were bleached using 11% hydrocloric acid. The process is known as microdermabrasion bleaching…..(i think… or is that for the skin).  The dentist proctects the gum with a rubber mat like thingy and then puts a seal near your gums. Then proceeds to dab the teeth with the acid and waits about 30 seconds and using a kind of pumice thing rubs away a layer of the enamel exposing the whiter layer.

I have not suffered from sensitivity and I did not get any burns from the acid.

Very pleased!


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