A few things about me

What am I

I remember thinking I was going to be a lawyer when I grew up. Must have been about 10 years old when that thought first developed courtesy of LA LAW.

Somewhere between form four and five I decided I was going to be journalist, this time, thanks to CNN and Christiana Anampour. She walked on water as far as I was concerned. During those years, Ugandan and Kenyan school holidays clashed which meant when I was off school, Kenyan kids were in school so there was nothing to do but watch TV when I was in
Nairobi. Those were the days of zero day time TV. All you had was CNN on KTN and I watched it voraciously…..

Then I did my A Level Exams and my dreams of traversing the world reporting stories was dashed to the ground suffice to say I did not make the grade. So there I was at University doing Sociology and French (flat course as we called them)  without a clue as to what I would end up doing….But through all this, I figured I was going to be “someone”… hell I had been preparing to be “someone” all my life. With me was the right background and school pedigree, all I needed was the right opportunity… fast forward to October 2001 and I’m on a plane to UK on track to kick start my career…… a year later armed with my Masters Degree and hundreds of job applications I was nothing but a clerical officer.

Today sitting at my desk in my proper white collar office job and I am struck that I am nothing but a glorified interviewer, a job that could easily be done by anyone with at least high school education….

All my 29 years on this earth, I have heard, been told and believed that all I had to do was work really hard and so I did. Admittedly I have never been the sharpest tool in the box, but do consider myself to be relatively intelligent.

Am I pissed?….., not necessarily. Disappointed?…, perhaps. Have I given up… amazingly no or maybe stupidity is a flaw I am yet to claim.

The nagging question remains though,……. when it comes to my career.. “who the heck am I, what am I  and will I always be just another cog in the wheel ,will I know the joy of career work fulfilment like some people I know?


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