A few things about me


It is exactly one week and one day that I packed my bags, quit my job and hopped on a plane to join Big Al in Denmark!

Have I been through the wringer or wot!!!! 🙂

I don't even know where to start or what to say. At the moment the jury is still out on "how we feel about Denmark". It will probably be a long deliberation and a decision is yet to be reached… so hang on to your pants and lets take the ride one day at a time.

The one shocker was that EVERYTHING and I mean EVERTYTHING shuts down on the Easter Weekend and almost nothing opens on Sunday, so if like me you are a busy body that likes to be in and among people (as in a city girl born and bred where nothing really ever shuts down except on Sundays after 4pm) then that will be a big big shock.

We also discovered, after 5 days of great anticipation, that we live too far from the telephone exchange system to get BROADBAND internet connection!! Now hear me out!. Yes, I was born and raised in Kenya/Uganda where internet, let alone broadband was a thing of the mid nineties.. so it,s not like I have always had it. However I lived in the UK for the past 5 years and since the 1st week there I had internet connection and I grew completely dependant on it. It was comfortable knowing it was there even if I spent only 10 mins on it. So you can understand my disappointment after great anticipation…. Right now I am getting my fix on a dial up and I will not complain cause this dial up connection is much faster than the connection at the cyber cafes in Nairobi and Kampala.

Today was a good day in Denmark. I am literally taking it one day at a time. The last 4 days were not so good days. Big Al has been a gem! (poor thing! putting up with mood swings from hell!) Tomorrow seems like it will be a fine day…. but right now it is one day, each day at the time.

Anyone relocating to Denmark all I can say is………………………………….

I would really like to hear from people who have relocated from their home countries to a new country that was non English speaking… how did that go?

When I get my thoughts more together, I will post more. I think I might manage a post a day or two.


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  1. hope all’s going well in denmark!

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