A few things about me

I am doing my level best to learn how to do all the funky things one can do on a blog, like load a picture, get the blog ring thingamajig to show on the front page. It´s taking time… I´ll get there.

Today is day 8 in Denmark and so far so good. Hey, I am at a computer blogging, what else could be wrong. I promised to write more about Denmark when I got my thoughts together. My "creative muse" seems to have taken a short holiday and I find myself unable to compose anything worth putting down.

Denmark has a population of 5.6million people and by gad do you feel it. I have always lived in a city so this whole outback boondoos living takes some getting used to. The landscape is flat rolling with vasts pieces of farming land. At the moment it is all black with manure in preparation for planting, brown with dead harvest or green with grass (crop rotation stuff blah blah!).

I have not yet truly interacted with Danes. The official business I had to do, all the registering to get all the vital numbers was painless. The people were ok and at least made the effort to respond in English when I spoke directly to them. I start my danish lessons when I get my numbers (which I was promised would take about 3 weeks). It is there that I hope to start the socialisation process albeit with non-danes.

The job thing… eh, I have a small gig at the family bakery! yeah! working 4 hours a day. Today I am at an office doing some consulting gig thingy… so like I said, one day at time.

that´s all for now.


Comments on: "Site Management and Danmark" (3)

  1. Yea……you made it. I’ve been holding my breath in anticapation. Of the 3 or 4 people I’ve been regularly corresponding with regarding Denmark – you are the one I feel I connect with the most. Your perspective, way of thinking, etc is more a kin to my self.

    Anyway……hang in there girl. You’ve expressed what (I KNOW) I will be stressing about as well. Where in Denmark are you anyway…..you REALLY sound “out there”. We’ll be in the Aarhus/Randers area when we move.

    There’s strength and comfort in numbers. The Calvery is coming !!
    Ha……did you like the way I made the US connection there? OK, so I’m not as “word gifted” as you.

    Keep the posts coming, they are greatly appreciated and informative. 🙂


  2. p.s.
    I tryed to view your picture file and found it was password protected. Totally understand restricting access to just anyone.

    You inspired me to create my own “blog site”………New to me !! Anyway, here is my attempt to keep up with you young’ns. It will also be a great avenue for my family here in the US to keep informed on our move to Denmark. Who say’s you “can’t teach old dogs new tricks”…….hehehehe
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging Cynthia! I am still learning how to do stuff, but so far I love it. Thanks for dropping by.

    P.S. just learnt how to respond to a comment on my blog…

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