A few things about me

Living in Denmark.

I think it’s a good thing that I am no longer counting the passing days. I am settling into a routine, carving out a place for me and myself here and it is going alright.

Patience is the key and much as I have always known this, these last few days have reinforced the truth that I need to LEARN to be patient!. If I could have it my way, well, I would have found a job, house and car by now and everything would be honky dory!.

Don’t have much to say today.


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  1. Hi. You applied to join the Kenyan Blogs Webring but have not put the webring code on your blog. The webring code must be on your blog to complete your registration. Please email us on admin@kenyaunlimited.com if you would like to complete your registration.

  2. Been trying to copy and paste for the last 20 min and it just won’t do what it is supposed to do and I am about to blow a fugging gasket.. so gonna wait for Big Al to show me how to do it, being on a dial up does not help either, takes frigging time to load a page!!!

  3. my car is cold!

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