A few things about me

I seem to have got a few requests to view my photo album. I orginally set up for my family and close friends. I am having a few issues making the albums public, so I have decided to set up one public album for all you who are curious to see me. Most of them are from last year summer and are all me. No family.

I think I figured how to post pics. Below is Oprah in a dress I absolutely love and have promised to sew it myself when I finally get a sewing machine.

So to see me click on the mrembo album and it will be the third album that has pics of me. The other two will remain closed.


 The dress

15 mins later……..

I think I think I have done it.. I think..maybe..

 The dress


Comments on: "Mrembo’s Photos: Pics trial run 2" (2)

  1. Thanks forputting up the photos!! I love your natural hair, there is this website called ultra black hair growth, http://www.ubhpublications.com i follow her advice and my hair has never ben this healthy before. I wish I could buy her products too but its too expensive.

  2. Loved the photos & I admire your “no shy, no hiding” approach to the Web. Many folks in KBW are still hiding behind online handles & wouldn’t dare show themselves yet their 1st to ask for pics?..what for only heavens knows!!

    Nice blog, will drop by often.

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