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All God´s Children

The other day on my way home from wmy gig, I happened upon a number of danish kids maybe 8 or 10 years old. It must have been lunch time because I had knocked off my gig later than usual around 12.30 – 12.45pm. Like you know, I live in a village aka boondoos and most people here have not ever really seen a black person up close. The closest is maybe on TV.

So there I am on my bike, feeling tired and lazy enjoying the sun, when I see these 2 kids see me. I am riding up a gentle hill.  Hedges growing close to the road kinda hide the kids from my line of vision. A few seconds later 4 kids jump out onto the bicylce path and look at me say something and jump out of vision. Next 6 kids jump in .By now I am cursing the fate that made me end work late. I keep riding. The voices get closer and more excited.. I ride past, the kids are kinda startled staring at me.. I stare back….. then one of them a girl says something and they break up. end of story.

When I got home I kept thinking about it and could not help compare the scenario to those I have witnessed in Kenya and Uganda.  If I was white, riding past an African village school…. know what would have happened…. them kids would have jumped out onto the bicycle path smiling and jumping up and down chanting "Muzungu, Muzungu, Muzungu!!!"

So here is my question, what´s up with white kids? ama is it black kids???


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  1. Hey Mrembo!

    My first time here…looks pretty cool…love the template too!

    I have been “nomading” quite a bit over the last 2 or so years and I’m now based in Germany (have been here for the last 4 months now).

    Must say I still haven’t experienced that whole “muzungu muzungu” thing with me…lakini what gets me is the stares that we miros still get when you enter the bus or show up in a restaurant all suited up and looking good..no words are said, lakini the look is worth the proverbial 1000 words! I work in a large company where you could count the number of black people on your thumb! And you will still get “the look” as you go for lunch, a meeting etc

    I kinda got over that though…at least I’m learning to live with it.

    How long are you in Denmark for?

    Will be back here fo’ sure..

  2. Wow i used to take offense at the stares but really when i was a kid i also used to stare at wazungus and didn’t mean them any harm.. maybe those guys that stare at us are just curious?? (though in some cases those stares are really mean)

  3. Hanyee,
    I kinda forgot about the staring. In UK the town we lived in was racially balanced. Ofcourse whites were still the majority but there were enough “ethnic minorities” and I never really felt anyone staring at me. I am not upset just kinda having to get used to it again. Doesn’t help that my hair was in some crazy wild tuts!!!
    We are going to be in Denmark indefinitely for now….. who knows what the future holds.

    I just have to get used to it.. and I am sure in no time, the novelty will wear out.

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