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Danish 101

I had my first classroom lesson in Danish on Tuesday.  It was an eye opening expereince.

Sometime back 2 lovely ladies: one russian, the other namibian had shared their expereinces with me about thier relocation to this place. It was interesting and more or less comforting …( a case of misery loving company). One of the things they had stressed was about my lessons was to ensure that I was not put into a class with people who were not literate.

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A PREJUCIDED PERSON (ok so that is a kasmall lie, I do have issues with a certain group of people but God in working on me and I am trying to help Him a little bit and I ain't proud of this little fact… but we are being honest…. aren't we).

Got to the class and after the introductions knew  I was in the wrong class. They are all nice people blah blah, but none not a single of them was/is literate. They have been in the the school for 7plus months and still in beginners class, stage one!!!!!!!

The first break we had, I asked the teacher how much private lessons cost.

Thing is, unlike the rest of the class and those in the advanced class, I PAY for my lessons. So I will not and cannot be sitting in a class with a bunch of lazy ass, interrupt teacher, speak my language in class hill billies and have them hold me back…. I'm on a mission and they will not hold me back… and that is just my first lesson.

We haven't even got to the part where I had to tell one of them to shut up……. 


Comments on: "Danish 101" (3)

  1. Hi Mrembo, second time on your blog. I was wondering if you could discuss you reasons for moving to Demark. I live state-side, and I’m generally fascinated about how African diaspora chooses locations. Asante.

  2. Mwana,
    look around and I am sure you will find the reasons I am here in Denmark…


  3. Maskini, you’re no help:) I did search around, but I’m still clue-less. Like I said, being state-side feels like I’m in a very different world. I’m really curious to know why Denmark is the country of choice, specifically compared to the UK. Asante.

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