A few things about me

FAT Denial!!

FACT: I am growing fat!!
No excuses, no drama, none of that, inescapble and undeniable!

I have watched enough Oprah and Dr Phil to know all about emotional eating blah blah blah… and have always wondered what catergory I and those like me fall into.
I am not an emotional eater
I am not addicted to food.


I know my metabolism has changed and I can no longer eat the way I ate 5 years ago… but aieh! My weight gain is slow.. very slow.. but sure/ steady. 5 kilos in 5 years and they just will not shift… forget all the workouts and stuff. This has led me to this conclusion.. one I have tried and tried to disprove I have to watch what I eat and couple it with workouts…ugh! 😦

I watch “E Entertainment” Channel quite a bit …(eh, I know.. get a life) and love all those shows about “How Stars Stay Trim”, ´”How to look like a Hollywood Star”.. .all that garbage….Anyway, on one of the shows, one of the ladies.. (don’t remember who) said
“Of course I live a life of deprivation and hunger, of course I am always hungry”
My reaction to that was… “amenena ukewli” (she has spoken the truth)

I want to look a certain way and not have certain things jiggling and hanging out… ..
Workout + change of diet = Fly Mrembo!!
Workout + no change of diet = Mrembo.. slowly but surely gaining.. though still looking good
No workout + no diet change = not a possiblity in Mrembo’s world!!

My goal weight is 68kgs… might look a little sick.. but that leaves me enough room to eat.. up to 73 kilos which is my absolute ideal weight!

So lets see how this will go.
TARGET: Loose a half a kilo a week.



Comments on: "FAT Denial!!" (3)

  1. I am 62 and i feel so overweight. 68 is a bit on the higher side ama?

  2. biker-wanabe said:

    Having read the various complaints the ladies on here have about jamaas and their pots, I have decided to do something about mine. Modify diet, do crunches, and bike to work everday (40kms round trip). Now that’s one way to burn them calories. A buddy just finished a ride across the US (about 6000Kms) and they were burning about 5000 calories a day. Now that’s a workout!

  3. Shiron,

    68 is actually little underweight for me given that I am rather tall and have a big body frame..so 68 is my goal.

    Biker Wanabe – 5000 calories a day is just amazing… ! My work out at the gym looks like this 40 mins aerobics. i.e bike 20 min and walker machine / glider 20 min. Then 30 min weights with emphasis lower body. Then stretches

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