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Something lovely!

First things first, I got my hair done! hooray for Mrembo!! 

I met a lovely lady who has a daughter who plaits hair… hey presto, I hooked up with Ms Thang and got my hair done. I have been like 😀 since it was done. It means no more hair in the sink every day, no more plaiting it at night, no more fussing. The only down side is that since the braids are new and given I have scantly distributed hair folicles, the partitions on my head are shiny and clearly visible and my big ass forehead is distracting everyone (as you can tell I am suffering from a mild case of bigus forehead aware-tisis……Tyra ain't got shit on me!!!!!). Its all good!!!

I managed to break my glasses. Luckily enough, the lens did not break, only popped out of the frame; the string that holds the lens to the frame broke. So off to the shop recommended by family. The attendant took the glasses, fixed them at no charge!I was stressing all night about the cost blah blah…. I am pleased as a bun! That was my lovely event for the day.

I recently had a conversation with a young little thing that left me with a bad sad feeling. Ignorance is a very bad thing. It really is and I know I may be preaching to the choir, but I need to vent. Ms Thang, who did my hair, is a striking young african girl. The first thing that strikes you when you meet her is her color. She is very light skinned, but more yellowy kinda light skinned than brown. When introduced to me by her mother, I was a tad surprised. She looked nothing like her mother who is dark skinned. Anyway.. I went on with my business till the day of the appointment to do my hair. 

I get to her digz and wait a coupla.. more like 20 mins for her to arrive. Finally she gets home and we go into her pleasantly surprisingly lovely clean and neat bedsit. (won't lie, I was relieved. Didn't want to spend the day in some dirty home, wondering what is crawling up my legs!). Chit chat here and there, we get to the business of doing my hair. We getting talking and in like 10 mins (yeah, I'm a bit slow…) I figure me and her really do not have much in common… but I keep the chat going on.. I need her to be doing my hair….

Some hours later, I got up to use the bathroom and while in there I happened to observe 3 tubs of Skin Lightening Cream. I am talking tubs, not bottles or small jars, but like 3 kilo tubs. I stared at the tubs, trying to comprehend. I left the bathroom. My curiosity and was piqued kabisa. Before visiting the bathroom she had given me her album to see pics of her family… I had noted that her sisters were brown and her brothers were like me..and didn't think much of it….so we keep talking, and all the while I am trying to get a look at her legs. She was wearing tights and socks, so I could see nothing, lakini, her chest was exposed and it matched her face so… again… I didn't think much….

The tubs of skin lightening cream had changed everything. I was shocked and in awe kabisa. I then noticed another tub of cream sitting on her small table in the living room… finally I just had to ask after she said:

Ms. Thang: My dad is half french half……

Mrembo:..oh really, I did not know that… but I had noticed you and your sisters are rather brown…..so how come you use that cream (pointing to the tub on the table)

Ms. Thang: YOu know since I came to this country, the whether is soooo bad and I started getting spots like this….(she shows me two blotches  of discoloration on her under arm) so I decided to continue using African creams!!!!!! instead of the Muzungu creams which do not work on me…my mother said it is best to do that…

Mrembo: (Totally shocked not even knowing what to say).. ah…ok

Now here is the thing, I believe that the girl has some white blood in her… what I did not understand was the need for the cream, I managed to get a peek at her legs and they are like mine…. it was a surreal experince…I felt so sad for her, and at the same time did not the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

Moral of the story…..

"FAIR AND LOVELY" and all the others are wrong wrong wrong…..


Comments on: "Something lovely!" (4)

  1. Sad story … she should just marry a French man and hopefully the next generation will not have to worry bout ‘lousy’ skin colour. (Sigh) Really sad!

    PS. just stumbled upon your blog and i have this feeling that i’ll hang around.

  2. Our people do not seem to learn. Ms Thang will have to deal with skin cancer, permature ageing of the skin, not forget looking like a freak after a few sessions in the hot sun.

    In this day and age – who really believes that only light skin is beautiful?

  3. So sad about those skin lightening creams. Those things are chock full of mercury and other toxic chemicals that cause illnesses as uaridi put it. Yeeessshhh!

  4. i remember being told once that my ‘problem’ of dark skin would be fixed with a bit of fair and lovely and some other dubious product that escapes me at the moment. i didn’t even get mad, i just pitied them. my dark skin is something thats meant to be fixed? i feel sorry for her – after all, as uaridi said, there is a high risk of getting skin cancer and not to mention what hapens when she’s out in the sun. i believe that you should work! what you’ve got and not fall for the whole light skinned is best business.

    hurray for your new hair do! lol, most people i know complain about their foreheads, teehee.

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