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Love thyself?!

I was watching something on the box and the topic was to do with weight loss and feeling good about one's self.

The host of the show had written a book on weightloss and I presume the guests had used her book to lose weight and set thier lives straight….(I caught the program half way done!)

A recurring theme from the guests in narrating thier experiences went something like this:

"I did not love myself or like myself, so I ate and ate and just felt that I did not deserve anything good"

One guest went on to say:

"Since I felt I  did not deserve anything good, I stopped eating, bathing and combing my hair"

And so it went, all 7/8 guests said something to that effect… and one would not be wrong in concluding that the host/author was peddling the idea that people may be overweight or underweight due to the fact that they do not love themselves.

Now my question here is this: Does not loving thyself equate with low self-esteem? And when do the occassional bouts of low self esteem slip into the hating thyself category.

I have a confession to make, I have never ever not loved myself. I have never ever thought that I do not deserve anything good. If anything, I have always felt, I deserve all the good things that could happen to a person ;-). What I am trying to say is that I do not understand when people say "I did not love myself, I do not think I deserve anything good"… I just don't get that way of thinking.

I believe like everyone on earth, I suffer the occassional bout of low self esteem or hyper self awareness due to whatever anormality I may be feeling that day…eg 2 days ago it was bigus forehead awaretisis, some days it jelly belly-sis and I used to have serious case of Teethus Focus….. but I do not feel it  ever warranted me not loving myself.

I LOVE MYSELF. I REALLY LIKE MYSELF as well. With all my hangups, my big mouth, and all that… I gotta admit I love myself. I have not always been the best person I can be.. .but let it be said here and now and recorded for time to come MREMBO LOVES HERSELF (and on special days, she thinks she is all that and then some!!!!!!)
Have a self loving day!! 


Comments on: "Love thyself?!" (6)

  1. acolyte said:

    Well it is not that some people do not love themselves, they just love food more then anything else!And they dont work out so inevitably youre going to be fat!

  2. Sure! and how does anyone get to love someone else if they don’t/can’t love themself? There’s absolutely no excuse for neglecting one’s personal grooming.

    So Mrembo says: “I gotta love me!” ,lol!

  3. You are not the only one who has never gotten the concept of not loving the self. I basically love myself to bits even the rough edges, warts and all. There are moments I hate myself but this is done in addition to loving myself so at any one time I still love …me.
    I guess that show is one of the many that chorus that line, whether you love yourself or not is not an escuse to gorge yourself to death with food!

  4. spoiler said:

    Hi got to comment about this blog because I love this debate; I am fat and have always been. I have also always really loved myself especially my weight, and when I hear about people saying fat people dont love themselves or food is their love it really confuses me. I think I am pretty well adjusted and I am happy; Sometimes my slim friends talk about their self esteem issues and I am glad I dont have them – when you are fat you really never have “Is my bum fat in these jeans day” – heck mine its always fat; so are my hips and tits and thighs and tummy so I dont think about such non issues I just dress up wear a lovely smile and know for sure when I guy likes me its not only for my pretty face but my intellect and personality as well. I also dont know any fat people who are sad – just think about it even the fat TV personalities – do you ever see any fat person on TV/Movies who doesnt smile and look happy most of the time – I cant. Then it comes to the issue of dating ; I date often and judging from my slim friends we all have the same love problems whether fat or slim. Infact when you are fat you get away with a lot of stuff – one thing you can be as outrageous as you like and everyone thinks its just part of your big personality that fits your big size. So next time you think the fat are miserable, sad and lonely; think again – in fact just really talk to them ask them specific questions about their feelings and you will realise they may be happier than you.

  5. He he , this is a funny one. Being fat, being conscious.

    But i gotta ask at this point why is it that the west is so crowded up with programs about people. Kwani thats all there is to life. Ooh i have issues…ooh this .

    What are all the issues about. You are fat you are fat..it has nothing to not loving thyself and all that. You have a slow metabolism, work out eat less. It is not healthy for your body to have so much fat.

  6. Spoiler,
    Your input was interesting. I am not too sure I agree with all you have said. I think for you… what you have said is true and right…..Most of what I have seen and heard from and about overweight and obese people (there is a difference) is that the happy go lucky persona is a facade… but like I said, I am not taking or refuting your truth.
    I believe that I will always always until my dying day have to watch my weight. I am not one of those slim svelt chics like my sister and I will never be. I feel I will be like Oprah, on constant alert when it comes to my weight. However, I absolutely refuse to be overweight. To me Oprah is a perfect weight for her age and bone structure while that skinny chic in desparate housewives is just revolting i.e. Terry Hatcher.. The ladies on my mother's side of the family are big boned and overweight. Non are obese and there are a few of my aunties whom I do not mind being like.. when I am older.. the only problem for me is that at my age.. I am about thier weight and they are older than me by 20+ years and therein lies  the problem for me….

    acha tu!! Those probs make for good tv viewing. Secondly they allow me to sit in front of my tv and feel better about myself…. 🙂

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