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Madaraka day has come and gone!

Yesterday I remembered it was Madaraka day, I even reminded myself to go to my ka joint and join the KBW brotherhood in noting this day by posting something.. but life happened and I didn't  make it.

Today I have been reading the posts on KBW Aggregator and have felt proud to be Kenyan (albeit half Kenyan).

I was not born in Kenya, but I grew up in Kenya. I left Kenya in my early teens and never returned to live there. My mommie is Kenyan and my whole maternal extend family lives in Kenya. Once a year for a max of four to six weeks at a time I lived in Kenya. I was the only one who left home.

When I relocated, I was always identified as Kenyan and "she is kenyan" was used to explain a lot of my percieved idiosyncrasies. For 10 years this new place .. Uganda.. was my home and I discovered my new extended family. I learned the language the lingo and some of the culture and slowly in its own way Uganda became home.

My home will always be Kenya/Uganda.. and in that order. On certain days I feel more Kenyan than I do Ugandan. I am more (insert Kenyan tribe) than I am Ugandan and other days I am more Ugandan than I am Kenyan. I love my home and I am proud to fly both flags.



Comments on: "Madaraka Day!!! (Belated)" (1)

  1. everybody is a kenyan . its like my former pastor used to if you visit twice your a member. so consider yourself kenyan.

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