A few things about me

Something new – I am not sure I like the new presentation theme that much.. the font is a tad too small.. I like the color though .. will keep it for a few days and see if it will grow on me.

On to something old….

Remember my weightloss endeavours, well it is not going too well. I am working out like a mad woman and seemingly eating in direct proportion so my weight is more or less the same.. I seem to loose 2 kgs and gain 2 kgs throughout the week, so my weekly weigh in is simply stagnant….

The personal trainer at the gym said to me the other day.. instead of aiming for 30mins aerobic why not aim for a certain amount of calories to be burned per aerobic session.! That there was a Eureka like moment…so for the past week and a half my target has been to burn 500 calories per aerobic session.

It takes me about 40 minutes on the cross trainer and I must add.. this gym has one of the better ergonomic cross trainers I have come across. The weight machines are going well and I am getting stronger.. but the scale is not reflecting it.. and the best part of it all.. the absolute best is that the jeans which I bought, which were tight when I bought them.. actually and really do feel loose in the thighs even after washing…..

Now explain that to me!!!! The scale is not budging but the jeans are loosening!!


Comments on: "Something New.. Something Old!" (5)

  1. The reason your weight is the same, but your clothes fit loose or better is because your building muscle and loosing fat. Muscle tissue is more dense and heavier then fat. That’s another resaon why you should “not only” rely on the scale but rather how your body looks and feels.

  2. What you do when you exercise is that you gain muscle and loose the flab – hence the same weight but leaner you. If you just lost flab you would be saggy and I doubt you would be happy with that. Muscle is good for you, dont get worried.

    Now, if only I was writing this for myself andnot you. *sigh* I need to get back to training 😦

  3. Your efforts are good. i feel like hitting the gym too. gotta those fatty bodies you know.

  4. Since the muscle replacing fat thing has been explained, I kinda like the new theme. Kinda cool!

    Send me the jeans!!

  5. Everyone,

    thanks for the nice words… this battle seems endless sometimes.. I decided that I have to look smashing by the time I enter my thirties which is late this year….so my goal is to continue working out and lose some weight and then maintain it… as we all know.. maintenance is a b*tch!!!

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