A few things about me


I am a christian. Not the best, but one nonetheless. 

I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God Himself.  I believe He created heaven and earth in 7 days and I also believe that Jesus is the son on God and He died on the cross as a sacrifice to God in order that we humans may be saved from hell & damnation. I therefore, by default believe in the fact that we are "saved" by Grace.

 That all said.. I also have to say that I have many many questions that the bible leaves unanswered. For example,

  1. in Genesis there are 2 creation stories, so which one is it.
  2. Where did did Cain find a woman to marry if his mother and father were the first two people on earth
  3. When God wanted to get the Isralities out of Egypt and he hardened Pharoh's heart so that he could display His glory, eh, did Pharoh really stand a chance…was he created to be the bad guy, and if he was, who can really blame him, he was wired like that….

The list is endless, now and then when I am reading the Word, I come across things that leave a ? in my head.. .. so what keeps me going….FAITH.. the thing of substance not seen etc etc.. there is a very nice verse somewhere in Hebrews about faith..(i told you I ain't the best). So every day, I try to work this faith thing.. and I gotta say.. it does work… that's all I am saying.

Having said all this, I come to my point. I have serious issues with TV Evangelists and the Mega-Hyper Christian churches. Something about a person on TV wearing bigger bling than most rap stars , decked out in handmade designer clad, asking ME and the poor sods who believe to give them money,(or as they like to say these days, "partner with xyz ministries and see the blessing of God in your life") just does not sit right with me and what I read in the bible. It irks me more when they tell you to buy thier books because it is a"revelation", contains an "anointing" from God and it is what YOU have been waiting for all your life and if you just read/listen/see this book/CD/DVD, you life will be changed for ever. Now that stuff really really bugs me a lot!!!

It makes me want to tear my hair out. The parts which make me most angry is when at the end of the preaching, the scene changes to the preacher with a malnourshed, starving African or Indian child with flies around thier eyes and nose with the sound bite saying"We will not let, yet another one of these precious children of God die….when you partner with us, you save a child… and nothing can be greater than that"….. or something to that effect..

Gotta give it to the marketing chap who came up with this pyschological ambush tactic. Don't get me wrong, some of it really helps.. yeah, the 10 % of the $8,000,000 dollars you make monthly from selling your wears and shameless demand of money.

It bugs me even more when half your congregation is in debt and working low income jobs and they are tithing their 10% to to the church and preacher man is driving around in an S Class Mercedes Benz, living in a mansion… somehting about all this just is not right. 

IT really bugs me and there is nothing I can do about it, but blog. Someone will say, who am I to cast judgement and how dare I say something like that… .. some where in the bible there is somethign about Christians being discerning. So then you hit back with, "Thou shalt not judge" and I say true enough, I ain't judging, I'm just stating!

Have a spirit filled week and remember, "God is watching and when you partner with Mrembo Ministries, you will see your life truly blessed and transformed. A Donation of $2 will get you access to her. A donation of $5 will ensure that she eats every night and for those special people wondering what to do with that $10 you have sitting around, this is the time to take a step of faith and see what can be done for you. A donation of £10 or more will get you free access to Mrembo's photos, feed her and give you access to her. Be blessed and keep on reading Mrembo.wordpress.com ……….music fade out…


 www.google.com/TV evangelists.

A lot of information if you want to know… 


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  1. Mrembo, I hear you. I call them thugs. Guys who thrive on the health and wealth gospel advance fair-weather Christianity the most…rice-Christianity, you could say. I’m with you on this one. BTW, I’m born-again too. Glad to know that we are in this journey together. Grace and peace! Jesse.

  2. I too hear you Mrembo. They are so exhausting!!.Some Christians on the www say that tithing 10% is not necessary, because in those days it was for a specific thing. I just switch off when were are asked to give and give (and you probably cannot afford your lunch kesho)

    I too had a lot of questions – for instance on women (unclean during the period) Abraham using his wife as a shield etc etc. But what I learnt is that each one of us has to respond to God as individuals as ourselves – you as Mrembo and me as Uaridi.

    Jesus is the Way, the Path and the Destination. I am learning to wait for Him in all situations even Tele Evangelists. Have a Spirit filled week

  3. If you can believe it, this is the fourth time I’m trying to post a response to this post.

    Perhaps your blog doesn’t appreciate my long-winded comments! :-). Therefore, I shall be brief.

    I SO hear you!

  4. As for your other questions, please lay your hands on the following books, if you may:
    1. THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW – By Phillip Yancey
    2. WHAT IS SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE? – Same author.
    3. SOUL SURVIVOR – Same author.
    4. THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS – By John Bunyan.
    If u wanna talk further about this, I may be reached via: Kenyananalyst@yahoo.co.uk. Blessings!

  5. Interesting post here that dwells on a favourite past time of mine- bibilical exigesis, and the other issues of interpratation that Kenyan analyst agrees to disagree with me on.
    On the issue of commercialisation of the Gospel, maybe you should read my jocose post: Caveat Emptor.

  6. I think it’s a good thing to have those questions. I similarly have loads of them. It’ gotten me into trouble with more ‘religious’ folks. I find it much easier to understand when I ask questions rather than sweep them away.

    On those evangelists, there’ll always be loads of them so you just do your thing and let them do theirs. They have their reward.

  7. It really is good to know that there are many Christians who do not subscribe to this craze sweeping christiandom. One of my favourite chrisitian fiction authors.. ok.. my only favourite, Francine Rivers, released a book last year called “And the Shofar Blew”. She tackles the issue of hyper churches quite well. Since I have mentioned her, let me plug her books. I have read each and every one of her novels and I believe that she is truly gifted.. if you love reading and you love intelligent chrisitian fiction that deals with real life issues.. buy one her books. (PS, I am not being paid to do this!)

    Uraidi,… I hear you!
    Rombo….. I would have so loved to read your comments.. have no idea what went wrong.
    Kenyan Analyst…..: Thanks for the recommendations. I actually bought Pilgrim’s Progress before coming to Denmark and finished the first part of the story . I am still to read about his wife and children. It truly is a classic. I also loved the challenge of reading old english..
    Potash…. I visited your blog and was unable to comment as I have no access. It is set to allow only bloggers to comment. Otherwise, I loved the satire!
    Samborera….. to me the questions are vital part of this faith….. and I am now looking at it from the standpoint that God has to do his part and show/tell us what it all means.

  8. @ Mrembo – Karibu. An unexamined life is not worth living, they say. Finish with Bunyan and Yancey and let’s talk some. In the meanwhile, I always take comfort and courage in what the Scriptures say…watavuna walichopanda…those who have sown in the flesh wil reap corruption / death; those who have sown in the Spirit will reap everlasting life. Some Church games and gymnastics just make me so so so….acha tu.
    @ Potash – Ahem..:-)…very diplomatic of you…kwani when r u goin to toa those kid gloves for a real slugfest? 🙂

  9. I thot I had posted here but it seems that wordpress at my comment.I have worked for one of those ministries and it is very disheartening to see how people’s lives are destroyed by them.
    As for Cain getting a wife, it is said that Adam had a wife before Eve called Lilith.She refused to obey Adam and was banished.Maybe they had a child who became Cain’s wife?The passage in Genesis 1:27 — “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (before describing a mate being made of Adam’s rib and being called Eve in Genesis 2:22) is sometimes believed to be an indication that Adam had a wife before Eve.But like you said faith comes first so don’t let that hypothesis move you.

  10. Acolyte,
    If you do read this (I am a bit late with my response)… please do tell all.. I am dying to know more.

    I uncovered another scandal about the ghost authors and these televangelists. Why lie, I used to wonder how it was possible that these people could be teachers, preachers and also authors.. kwani had God poured all the gifts on them… only to discover kumbe majority of them use ghost writers then lie to us like that… shame shame shame!!!

  11. acolyte said:

    Oh there are also Christian universities that sell titles to these televangelists, that is how within less then a year of Mase getting saved he was calling himself Proffesor Mase as for a small donation they will give you a doctorate.You can never use an honorary doctorate as a title but the preachers do it so as to get more prestige and people to buy their books.

  12. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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