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They say they have found commercial oil in Uganda, so why am I happy and sad.

Like a fool, I am happy because I hope that it will mean a better economy for my country and that some how that money will be used to develop our lacking infrastruction and hospitals. At least the government, I hope, should channel some of that money into these things.

I am sad because I know that, even that little bit of wishful thinking will not be a reality and if Angola and Nigeria, among other African oil producing nations are examples to go by, well, nothing will really change.

On another note, I was watching part of the Angelina Jolie interview on CNN, like most things, I didn't really watch all of it, I was between cleaning the house and getting ready to leave….. you know all those household issues… Anyway, when asked some question about what hope was there for the refugees she said… and I quote verbatim….

"Well, we should understand that THESE people have ONLY JUST LEARNED HOW TO GOVERN themselves…….."

I was in the bedroom when I heard that and run out screaming "ati what" like a mad woman, leaving Big Al looking at me, like.."what the heck"? (he was not watching the interview).

So now I really had to sit and listen to what she was saying…. I commend her for her good work.. no denying that hopefully by drawing the plight of refugees to the masses UNHCR will be able to raise the funds required to them to keep doing thier good work. Kudos to them.

However,  that statment was a inflammatory and ignorant…… on the other hand, I do understand why she said it and why anyone would say it. It looks like that….anyway.. that is another post that would fall under political category and as we know, I don't do politics.

End of rant…. she was wrong for that statment.. wrong kabisa..


Comments on: "Oil" (4)

  1. Beware…you might soon fall onto my list of unfriendly states whose oil I must now get at all costs 🙂

  2. My cynical mind says that whether there is oil or not, life for the ordinary Ugandan will not change. My hopeful heart says that things will improve for all the people. Let us be optimistic.

    As for Ms Jolie, why on earth would an intelligent person interview an actor on issues about Africa? No I will not rant and rave on your blog – just wishing you a good week and hopeful that after the rant you feel better!!!!!

  3. Very tragic that the natural wealth in a country will rarely transfer to the general population. That comment by Angelina Jolie is insulting beyong measure. My beef with all the aid community and those who want to “help African people” is this: most have a condescending attitude and strip us of our dignity. Of course, if you’re hungry or homeless and somebody throws you some coins or leftovers, you grab them coz you want to survive. But despite the short-term relief, it will coz damage to the person’s psyche and demoralize them.

  4. GirlNextDoor,
    you are so right about stripping us of our dignity and condensending attitude. When Bob Geldof arranged the whole End Poverty gig thingy….I was not sure how I felt about it..At that time I was working in the UK and my collegues would keep asking if I had watched show blahblah. They could not understand my misgivings about the whole thing. That part when Maddona danced with the Ethopian girl on stage with her just standing there… …it was a bittersweet moment for me as an african.

    And why does the international media not cover the efforts by home countries to feed thier own. In Jan/Feb I was in Nairobi and “Operation Jaza Lorry” was going on…a stint aimed at getting people to buy food and this would be taken to the Northern part of the country where the drought was extreme.Did CNN /BBC cover this……?

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