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Obsessed and Obsessing

It will not leave me alone. I need to know the truth, I need to know it in my heart and head simultaneously so as to dispell the doubts plaguing me.

I am looking for that ONE, factual, scientific book that will give me a concise, history of the Bible and its origins as well as the origin of modern day christianity. I have read a few books and  essays on line which have not be satisfactory.  This is either due to a lack of scientific research on the writer’s part and therefore much is speculative or due to the writer’s bias for christianity.

I have found a few recommendations that I am thinking of purchasing (and breaking the bank account in the mean time)

Anyone have any further suggestions.


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  1. I further recommend C.S Lewis (anything and everything from him…beginning of course with his MERE CHRISTIANITY). He’s someone who came to faith from an atheistic background and had quite some talking to do in his works. HISTORY OF THE CHURCH IN AFRICA by Jonathan Hilderbrandt will give you the African angle of things somewhat. Prof. Phillip Jenkin’s THE NEXT CHRISTENDOM (a critically acclaimed book on trends in global Christianity) will also give you something on the African bit, but in a much wider context of historic, global Christianity. If I get anything concise in the way of historic, global, Christianity, I’ll certainly let you know.

  2. I truly do not think you will get a book like that. Most will be coloured by people’s opinions, ideas and influenced by the time the books were written.

    The Holy Spirit is the best teacher – believe me.

  3. An interesting take on christianity is found in The Great Cosmic Mother, by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor. God is a woman and religion (particularly christianity) was taken out of hands of women a la wangu wa makeri.

  4. Kenyan Analyst:
    Thanks for the recommendations,I actually do have 3 books by CS Lewis that I am yet to read, I started and well, was not really in the frame of mind for them…about now is the right time. I have found some interesting essays on the net and some books that I am thinking of buying. The books have a more anthropological take on things and are based on research findings into the history of the bible and the evolution of christianity as we know it today. I am reserving judgement until I finish my quest. The link to the essays if you are interested are: http://www.bibleorgins.net and http://www.bidstrup.com/bible.htm. The books I am thinking of buying are listed at the end of the essay. As with all things one must read with an open, skeptical mind.

    That was wishful thinking on my part, I will have to look more into it… and maybe will try the Holy Spirit approach…

    Rista….thanks for the recommendation.

  5. @Uaridi – Nakubaliana nawe kabisa!

    @Rista – That, in my humble view, is one of the major pitfalls of the feminist movement.

    @Mrembo – Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out some time. Also check out ww.rzim.org. Dr. Ravi Zacharias has numerous resources on Christ and Christianity that might interest you lots. You should also consider signing up for his Slice of Infinity daily e-mail devotionals. The other site to also check out is http://www.licc.org.uk (for the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) and also sign out for their e-mail devotionals on connecting with culture and word of the week. Blessings!

  6. Dave Green said:

    The fact of the matter is, Christianity from it’s worldview stands all the chances of being the only true ‘religion’, if you allow me to say, apart from the rest of religions. All other teachers of religion tells mankind to live within certain conditionalities in order to achieve eternity. Jesus Christ says, follow me. Do as I am doing. That way, only Christainity is true. Read G.K. Chesterton’s book ‘Orthodody’. He upholds powerful insights into RELIGION AND gOD.

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