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Can anyone make any recommendations for where I can buy some Kenyan and Ugandan music online.

 Back in Feb when I was home, I listened to “Vuta Pumzi” by the Longoma Brothers and “Chonga Viazi”… can’t remember who did that one.

I feel  like music from home and I want to buy some….. recommendations are also highly appreiciated.


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  1. Sup Mrembo

    Check out http://www.mymusic.co.ke

    Dloaded a number of ke tracks from there.

  2. Yeah, check out MyMusic. Still a bit ghetto in terms of getting the music to you, lakini tis better than nothing.

    Also, you can listen to Kelele Radio on

  3. I suggest you visit http://www.obaasema.com and contact the magazine’s editor (the contact details should be on the site). She has good links with african artistes, especially an interesting Ugandan one. I should like to think you will gain much from the artiste in question.

  4. Hi Mrembo,

    My friend the Kenyan Analyst drew my attention to your request. I know of one Uganda artist, Samite Mulondo, great album released this year called EMBALASASA. I’m not sure where you’re located but i know you can purchase it on his site: http://www.samite.com/cds.php. I hope that helps

  5. Not too sure where you can purchase quality Ugandan music but for extra good fun watching Ugandan music videos I always go: Over Here You might want to check it out.

    I am with everyone suggesting http://www.mymusic.co.ke for Kenya.

    Check out Linda Anaan’s site, good stuff, been there a couple of times in the past month.

    Let U know about more sites soon.

  6. Nyote… asanteni for the recommendations. I have checked out mymusic.co.ke and very pleased… the only bummer is that apart from longoma brothers and the guys of Chonga Viazi, i hardly know what is good out there……

    Linda – Thanks for the tip, I actually read something about him I think Kenyan Analyst had a link to an article, so I will definitely be checking him out.

    Once again, asanteni sana, Mwenyezi Mungu awabariki…. namwendele hivyo vivyo!!! 🙂

  7. Id recommend Nameless, Teso, Wahu, XYZee, Deux Vultures, Jua Cali, Wakimbizi and Necessary Noize to name a few…

  8. Chonga Viazi is by Boomba Clan by the way…

  9. Depends on the type of music you listen to, but I would reffer you to visit the Muki Garang site http://mukigarang.surfacescan.com and check out his mixtape plus it is downloadable

  10. dennis onyino said:

    i like Mrembo

  11. they’ll have you suicidal suicida. Zaid Bethanie.

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