A few things about me


Things are kinda looking up …. sorta.. slowly ….

If you have not watched “V for Vendetta” go out now and get it… loved it loved it and enjoyed it .. In my world movies fall into the following categories,

  • Entertaining…. a lot of Jerry Bruckhiemer movies are thus… entertaining and that is about it.
  • Thought provoking and thrilling.. eg City of “God”, “Crash”, “Dirty Pretty Things”… one hell of a movie
  • Thought provoking, intelligent and entertaining…. “V for Vendetta”
  • “Its just a movie” Blah….
  • Boring…. “Harry Potter 4″… that was one boring movie
  • Why the heck did I even get this movie….. countless…

I loves me some romance. My favorite pass time involves reading good romance novels… very very rarely will one find  nice romantic movie… (note to all fools…. romace does not equal erotica)… I loved the way the romance in this movie was done.. very subtle and yet it was ever so there…. ah,I am in love with V! and Big Al thinks that Natalie Portman rocks….!!! (food for thought 🙂 )

On to another topic….

In the journey to saving myself from the throes of lugbriousness I have had to answer the question “WHO AM I”. It has taken me a while to find the answer to that question.. I always thought the question demanded the obvious answer;

  • I am a teacher
  • I am a mother
  • I am a hardworking person etc etc

Oprah and her new pyschologist friend, Dr Robin said that such answers do not answer the question…. to answer as such is to list the characteristics of who one is and do not tell who one is…

So with nothing but time on my hands, I have been thinking very hard as to who I am and I am glad to report I have the answer…. here it goes.

Who am I?

I am a soul on earth

Who am I?

A soul that answers to a name

Who am I?

A soul in a body, a body on earth

Who am I

I am searching soul

Who am I

I am a soul, searching for the reason why

Why I am, why here

Who am I

I am a soul, searching for my way home!

 And that ladies and gentlemen, has given me some semblence of peace  because I think……. now for the first time, I know who I am … I know not why I am or why here, but it is enough that I am and here and that one day I will return home… wherever that may be…..

Have a soulful day!

Comments on: "Hey!" (2)

  1. Wow a lady that knows Jerry Bruckheimer movies impressive very impressive

    And yes arry potter has just been gettin worse and worse

    Crash was great

    I dint dig V 4 vendetta at all woiye..but si we can still bond on Bruckheimer movies….kwanza ever noticed his killer soundtracks?!

  2. his sound tracks are all the same.. Hans Zimmer always writes a lot of the music for his soundtracks….

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