A few things about me

We all share one one thing in common; we are here by virtue of our attachment to Danish men.

Its a small little place, one sink, two shelves, a few hair products and my pet peeve; skin bleaching products. Open only 3 days a week, it is a sanctuary. A place we come together to talk, laugh, share and learn and boy have I learned.

By virtue of my longevity in Denmark I am the youngest and have been assured that I am going through the worst of the settling in period and it gets better with time and 5 to 6 beers a night!

Our stories are sad only two are happy. All of them so far are on to thier 2 or 3 partners…they give credence to the prevailing belief that interraicial relationships never last. We come from all over sub saharan Africa and the Carribean. The stories are the same and returing home.. for some strange reason is not an option. And that is something I do not really understand.

I made peace with the whole returning home thing. I know that many Africans in the diaspora shudder at the thought of returning home WITHOUT anything to show for thier years away. I have heard of suicides and people sucumbing to mental breakdowns are a result of returning home, either willingingly or in most cases unwillingliy. It is alright to return home with nothing, believe it or not IT IS alright. If your head is screwed on right and you have your health, you can make a go at life one more time.

The beauty shop is my new local. I have met women from all walks of life, women embittered by broken love and dreams, women trapped by children and lack of finances, women without hope and amongst all this, I have met only ONE woman, happy, inlove and 17 years old in Denmark… she was my beacon of hope until she assured me that 6 beers a night did the trick.

Have one on me tonight!


Comments on: "Beauty Shop: Beer & Camaraderie" (1)

  1. The sense of isolation must be made worse because of the language – everything Danish. I hope you settle down soon.

    I agree with you that going home without material goods is acceptable. After all, they will all wear out soon.

    Be blessed and be at peace

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