A few things about me


I have been job hunting for about a month. This has involved trolling the papers, websites etc.. you know the general scenario.

Anyway, so now I am embarking on my next phase which is sending out “unsolicited applications” to a list of companies I have short listed. I am about finished with my research on them and ready to go… thing is.. I am a little stumped as to how to phrase my cover/application letter especially when I have to state what I have to offer the organisation.

I have already done the whole cheesy thing and I think my letters are a little crap.. given the negative responses I have recieved so far…. ….

Sooooo….. I thought I could enlist help from y’all who read my blog and ask you thus…

“If you were recruiting what kind of answers would you be looking for from a person you have asked “What do you have to offer our organisation”??

My career background is a little crap and never really kicked off…..(really).. so I have plently of admin experience, research, Customer Service and Account management from a public service point of view.. My education background is  Business Managment (still waiting for that to pay off)…….

Anyone willing to take a dive?



Comments on: "Help…….please!!!" (2)

  1. Are you back in kenya? If so, then I probably missed one of your posts. Okay, get in touch with me.

  2. Huh???

    That sounds a little suspicious???? lol… 🙂

    Nope I am not yet home, I am still shopping around for tickets like a mad woman…..watch this space…..

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