A few things about me

I have only one question about this mess,

“what the heck does Israel have on America and  Western Europe that no one can touch them”?

 Hilo tu ndilo swali langu? (that is my question)

As we used to say in Kenya “Kwani ni how huko?”


Comments on: "Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas- what the f…k?" (2)

  1. Well, isn’t Isreal i.e the Jewish state as we know it today a creation of the West. The UK, set it up. If you were to do a Google search Kenyan Highlands+Jewish State. You will not be talking about Kenya, but that war zone, in East Africa.

    I think we are lucky it wasn’t our land they took.

  2. It also doesnt help that there are alot of people of Jewish descent in power in both countries so Israel can do whatever it wants and these people will make sure that the country only gets a slap on the wrist!

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