A few things about me

Food, Glorious Food!

I am dreaming of mandazis and a cold fanta or mandazi with milk tea sporting a hint of fresh ginger.

Sis, do you remember the mandazis we used to get in shags (village). Remember when Wawa(grandma) would send us to the kiosk in the market near the matatus and to buy mandazis for 4.00 o’clock tea. Straight from the pan, wrapped in newspapers and on the way home.. I would be dying to one…..

I am dreaming of masala chips from Wimpy.. soggy masala chips…

I am dreaming of Mum’s pilau, Auntie’s chapatis and beef stew with cabbage.. woi….

I am dreaming of matooke and groundnutsstew with dried fish…(I would give an arm to have some of that right now). Nice hot matooke, straight from the leaves steaming soft… Lord help me..!

I am dreaming of home food!!!!!!

Soon I will be eating British chips, wrapped in flimsy paper,  soaked in vinegar sprinkled with salt, a dash of Sainsbury’s Ketchup completes the dish…..soon… soon.. I can almost taste it!!!!!!

I have not found a single place in Denmark that does chips from scratch.. it’s all the pre frozen french fries.. it’s just not the same….. time to buy a deep fryer!!!


Comments on: "Food, Glorious Food!" (5)

  1. These food flash backs on KBW have become too much!

  2. I am sure you are one of those who visits Kiplagat’s blog and calls hime names!!! When I next do chapos I will think of you (don’t hit me!!)

  3. Acolyte.. I guess it is just that time of the year.. yani you do not dream of home food.

    Uaridi.. who is Kiplangat, does he have recipes on his website.. I really want a reciepe for mandazi. kwanza let me google and see if I can find one. I almost forgot, I had chappos for dinner last night, together for a chilli corncarne I made from scratch.. tonight I am thinking of Biriyani….watch this space.

  4. though i had chapo and dengu for dinner about 2 hrs ago, your post just made me so hungry…

  5. Adrian,
    Chapo and dengu.. woii… now I am hungry.. that is a good idea.
    Last night I had chapos and egg curry and my stomach paid a hefty price this morning for the curry, however it was worth it. Tonight it is matooke all the way!!!!

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