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The whole thing is getting on my nerves. This is why. It does not ring true. Angelina adopting a child from Africa was okish given that she already had one from Asia and Zahara was a total orphan (both parents dead). I know Angelina is not the first celeb to adopt from Asia, but for some reason the media chose to make a circus out of it and we all knew.

Now ati Madonna has jumped on the bandwagon and is adopting a Malawian boy and his father has agreed to the whole thing. It irritates me and yes, I do not know what her true intentions are, but I cannot help think that “hype” is her driving motivation. I pray and hope that the Malwian government does not approve …controversy is already brewing since the government does not allow international adoptions, but Madonna is getting a waiver hmmmm……

Then Jay-Z and Beyonce are in Nigeria doing a concert or something and helping African kids.. and Ms Oprah is building a leadership school in SA for improvished girls. (Ms Oprah’s idea is cool kabisa, I ain’t knocking her)

Prior to that there was Bob Geldof and his “Poverty Campaign” then there is Bono and “whatever he stands for, but something to do with saving Africans”.

Don’t get me wrong, it is all good and as someone put it to me, if we cannot help our own we should not stop others from helping us…. but here is my take on it.

Stop using my misfortune to your advantage. That’s the way I see it. There are countless and countless of African individuals who are changing the lives of the improvished on a daily basis and yet no one covers this in the media. Countless churches, NGO, aunties, uncles, extended family doing their bit ….. do they get media coverage…. NOPE. But let some celeb come to Africa and express their “saddness and awakening to the plight of these children and deciding to do something about it because they can” …. it rubs me wrong…….not because I do want to see others help US it just does not sit right.

So Madonna if you ever read this, I hope I truly hope you educate yourself a little bit on bringing up an African child. As much as you can give him all the material things in the world.. try to ensure he never forgets his identity, his home, his people!

And yes, I am back… and its bloody cold.!


Comments on: "Celebs and thier”Adopt-a-child” issues!" (2)

  1. I dont think Maddona has the capability of bringing up an African child at all!I think all she should have did is assisted the kids family. These peeps need to know that Africans are not accessories!

  2. i think adoption is great. I would like to adopt. But this child has a father…..Madonna would have been better adopting a true orphan and then with her billions of dollars she could pay for young David’s education and upbringing, allowing him to go home with his family…. but another question, If Davids father could not afford to keep him, how will he feed his new child with his new wife?

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