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Quoting Kola Boof

I once had “beef” with Ms Boof on some discussion board after I expressed my opinions about some of her stuff. On the whole I think she is a little out there (maybe more than a little out there) and I had no problem telling her so, and in return I believe she labelled me a “colonised mind”.

I whole heartedly agree with SOME of her statements and share SOME sentiments but on the whole Ms Boof is like WOHA! (kidogo crazy)to me.

I am supposed to be working on something but keep getting side tracked and in the midst of my meadering about on the net I found this interview of Ms Boof and I choose to quote on this part because I find that she does put it ever so eloquently. (Do prepared to be upset if you do not agree. Just walk away quietly and you can mutter to yourself about how off the wall me and Ms Boof are)

As for “color”, I am sick of very yellow skinned black people claiming that they’re just as black as the blackest African–that’s camel-crap. If you have large quantities of non-black blood in your veins, then you are not as black as the authentic blacks. They empower white supremacy by advancing the idea that you can be ‘white’ and represent blackness, but no one has confronted them about this, because none of us have any respect or love for blackness in the first place. I am sick of people disrespecting black people and disrespecting Africa by claiming that Mariah Carey is a black woman–she is not black. Neither is Vin Diesel. Why in the hell won’t they claim Alek Wek who really is black? They hate authentic black people, that’s why! This is a white supremacist planet that retains its power by uplifting the white man’s mother while outlawing the black man’s mother or presenting a mulatto imitation of her to render her invisible–even black men take part in this–and I’m hated because I understand that and rebuke it.


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  1. ok….what exactly is large quantities of white blood? then mulatto…equate that to nigger! As a “mulatto”, do i go around screaming that I have excess amounts of white blood in me every time i experience a form of racism, when someone calls me a nigger, etc? dude!!! She has some weird ass views!!!!!

  2. Her point is for example in Hollywood they’ll pick Halle Berry over Angela Basset. Simple. And we do disrespect ourselves by exalting lightskinnedness as the epitome of black beauty and trashing on the Alek Wek-like straight-from-Turkana look, straightening of the hair, etc.

    But to say these light skinned people can’t claim their blackness…I understand it as an all the way to the right stance to jar people from their blase attitude and think about the issue….is a stretch. Doesn’t solve anything by drawing those lines. She falls into the divide and rule trap the white supremacists she hates so much have laid out for us.

  3. Dangerouslyshy said:

    Kola Boof is erm special. Sometimes her ideas are so out there they actually begin to makes sense. I still dont know what to make of her. Incidentally which forum did you two clash in? it would be interesting to read the exchange between the two of you because alot of people are of the opinion her ideas are manufactured so it would be good to see if she came up with any new arguments.

    Many thanks

  4. 1st time commenter said:

    Yikes! She sounds like someone with really serious issues all around. A really confused somebody who’s just trying to form her own reality that she can hold on to because the one she was born into didn’t pan out. I’ve never heard of this woman. I’d love to know what her idea of an ideal world is. What’s her story with bin Laden that she’s being so defensive about? I’ve met crazies (at least that’s what I think of them) in America who’d never been to Africa, yet live and breathe Africa more than homesick Africans. You know, the ones who you know will change their tune about their love of the “motherland” the minute they land in Africa; but this woman is someone who has seen the world yet chooses to narrow her view and only see what she wants to see. It’s a shame.

    PS. I love your blog.

  5. I think her comment mostly applies to the American situation where Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Halle Berry are identified as being black and categorised in the same group as me, Whoopie Goldberg, Oprah etc. I feel that this is misleading when the afore mentioned ladies are promoted as the “Beautiful Black Women” and are used to market goods to “black people”, thereby insidiously encouraging a whole group of women and girls to asipire to achieve something they never will.

    That to me is my main beef with classifying “obviously multiracial looking” people as black. I do realise that there are some people who are bi/multiracial with a darker skin color and would pass as black according to my understanding of black.

    People always go on about light skinned people in Africa and yes of course there are light skinned people in Africa but one can usually tell the difference between someone who is light skinned and someone who is of mixed parentage

    Dangerouslyshy: I used to browse nappturality.com and there was an intersting dialoge that begun in the book section and carried on to “Other Life topics”.. this was about a year ago… sorry, I am too lazy to do the search.. but if you search the website I am sure you will find the discussion.

  6. She kinda has a point. Not to say that light skinned people arent black but when it comes to picking people always pick light skinned over dark skinned when the fact remains that most africans ie subsaharan Africa are dark skinned as opposed to light brown.
    So Mariah and co are not the defacto face of black people in fact one could say they are mutts of sorts.

  7. Have any of you actually read any of the woman’s books?

    First up, if you had, then you would know that she’s not denouncing “all lightskinned people” or any such as you assumed by one comment. Several of her novels for instance feature very lightskinned mixed women who identify as both black and African.

    Her issue is with the imbalance of power and representation between “colors” in the black diaspora and she’s dead right!

    I don’t care how much you want to shrug her off as “crazy”, the woman’s books are brilliant and her love for black people can only be described as “un-American”. You can tell she doesn’t come from the same system as ours, because she’s rightfully appalled by the way darker black women (our “essential” mother in her eyes) are treated.

    How can any of us with two ears and two eyes honestly disagree with the truth no matter how in your face it is?

    I used to have similar reservations and dislikes toward Kola Boof, but after reading her books, I was blown away. She is one of the best writers I have ever read in my life and because of her I am more proud than ever to be black and female. She makes you proud to be black I tell you that.

    PS. I am enjoying your blog as well.

  8. Roxie,
    I have not read any of her books and maybe one day I will get to reading them.

    I agree with you when you say she is addressing the imbalance of power and represenation between colors and I commend her for that.

    For now I still have reservations about her opinions and will have to reassess them after I have read some of her work.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog!

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