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Ice Cream & Random Thoughts

I have just eaten a whole ice cream! Usually I cannot finish a whole one be it a cone or whatever. Most times Big Al is on hand to finish it off or I am at home  it goes in the freezer for later which could be any time from the next day to never (if in the freezer, Big Al usually gets to it before I do). I am kinda feeling guilty about indulging. The plan was to have meatballs and potatoe/parsnips marsh with  spinach. (Inspiration gleamed from a food ad seen last night). Now, I feel stuffed and  need a glass of water. Does anyone else have that. Every time I have ice-cream or choclate, I need a glass of water.

Things with God are working out alright at the moment. I am in a good place spritually and currently trying to ignore a certain verse that says something to the effect.. “To know something is wrong and to do it is SIN” (emphasis mine). Thing is with this particular issue (see how I choose to call it) I enjoy it kabisa. It helps pass time, I feel good and basically it is something I have done for ever and nope, I ain’t spilling the beans. It doesn’t help that today I was listening to a Televangelist talking about sowing—-time—-harvest.

The gist of the message was that as human beings we sow seeds (habit/activity) that may be good or not good. Time elapses where the nothing seems to be happening so if it is a bad habit, well, nothing happened so one just keeps on sowing. Finally BAM!! harvest! and God help you if what you sowed was nasty.

With that message  at the forefront of my mind, I am trying to pretend I did not hear it and well I am still gonna do what I wanna do because I like what I do and I feel good when I do it and heck I have no idea how I am gonna confess to God about it….. so watch this space.

Last night I watched 3 episodes of the Swan. (was knitting while I watched, therefore was involved in positive activity rather than vegetating infront of the box). I could not help wondering about them swans. This image came to mind

The year 2590… group of archeologist kneeling infront of an excavated grave

Archeologist  speaking to camera: Before us is the body of a homosapien female dated about 584 years old. Of interest are the two ball like sacs which seem to have been filled with a gel like substance, lying in the chest area in the region of the breasts. It would seem that the females then enhanced thier beauty with rather primitive, painful procedures in order to attract the men! We do not yet know how this was done but have found various plastic and metallic materials in the area of the chin, buttocks and calfs…… one wonders at such procedures”.

I don’t know where I stand on plastic surgery for the sake to helping self esteem issues. In cases where one has been disfigured by accidents, fires or disease  and also in cases where one has extremely large breasts or lips… especially breast…..I am all for it, as for the rest, I don’t know.

Goodnight for now.. kinda tired and feeling sluggish.


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  1. I love ice cream too and buy a large tub to last me one week at most. As for plastic surgery I think it is pathetic for women to peg their self worth on men’s opinions. It saddens me to see women filling their chests with silicone just to get men’s attention.

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