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Karibu Kenya!!

Finally, I have been able to get a minute (and been patient enough  to wait for the page to load) to say something about Nairobi.

It is absolutely wonderful to be here. The weather is just right given that the cold season has recently ended so its not too hot or too cold, though it does get cold in the evening. The city is very clean, compared to the last time I was here in Feb 2006. I was told there was some big Mayors conference and Nairobi was cleaned up nice.

I have been up and about in the city center, and outer surburbs. Like any other city, Nairobi is growing and changing a lot. There are hundreds and hundreds of flats/apartments coming up and they do look very nice. Those in the Lavington, Hurlingham, Westlands sides of town are going for about 5-6million Kenya Shillings. Those in Riverside are going for slightly more. The words “holiday home” are ringing in my ears.. I need to get my behind employed pronto!!! East, west home is best and the sooner I get my “ka-holiday home”, the better! 

I don’t know what more to say except, Nairobi is good. I am having a good time and nope I have not yet taken pictures…

Only down side is the carjackings and accompanying rapes.. that shit is scary as hell, I am afraid to move around after 6.00pm… paranoia at its best, but hey…

That’s  all from me from sunny Nairobi.