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I am bored!

Bored with language school. Bored with the routine that is my life. Simply bored and to make it an especially boring interesting day, I woke up with “home” on my mind…..and that is not necessarily a good thing!

Boredom aside, I find myself in an intresting predicament. The piece of shit car that has been at my disposal up and died on me. The report from the mechanic is that it is beyond salvaging and I should try and sell it. Thing is Mrembo has never bought nor sold a used car and the propsect is a tad daunting…….watch this space!

Of Reading

M has a fantastic post about reading (from which I borrowed the topic of this post) and I felt challenged / convicted to stand up and be counted. Yes I do read and not only romance books!!! 🙂

So was thinking of which books I have read recently that I loved or which books are on my automatic “will read” list and here goes.

Auto “will read” list:

  • Anything by David Morrell. Read his lastest book “Creepers” thought it was fantastic.
  • Anything by J California Cooper. Last one I read was “Stars seeking Sunshine”
  • Anything by Francine Rivers. I think I have read all she has save for the man of God and woman of God series.
  • Linda Howard and Laura Kinsale – Romance writers. Laura, I believe is in a class of her own when it comes to romance. Infact I dishonour her by catergorising her with Linda Howard. (however on that note, I am not reading romance anymore.. God help me!!!)
  • Thats all I can think of now. I am more of a fiction girl than I am non fiction. But If the subject appeals I will read. That being said. I did enjoy Hillary Clinton and Jane Fonda autobiographies. I also did read Lord of the Rings but refuse to read Harry Potter.. a book bigger than the bible.. what the heck is she saying???

I do read African writers but shy away from colonial based books. Had enough of those in high school literature. i have read a number but do not remember the authors or titles.

So anyway, I just wanted to stand up and be counted as one of those people who reads. M… thank you for the challenge.

Lil’ big Update!

I am in a good mood today which in itself is rather surprising given that this morning started on a horrible note. It involved tears, negative thought patterns and the predictable….”I just wanna leave Denmark”… (like that is the solution to all my problems,…so not!!). Mind you all this was taking place in my mind… and yes, I am glad to report that I have taken my whining to a better level…. now I just keep it internal whereas before, God help those who were around me. I am one of those people if I am having a bad day and happen to fall upon an attentive ear, well that ear gets more than it bargained for. I have said it before and I say it again.. I am a work in progress.

Good stuff first:

I am hooked on Project Runway. Season 3 or 4 is currently running on Danish TV and I am just loving it. Season 6 of Top Model is also on and I kid you not, I am hooked. I didn’t think I would be. Never bothered watching them while in the UK ,I guess with the amount of time I have and stuff….(notice the feel sorry for me plea, its not my fault I watch far too much TV!). Anyway, I was assessing why I like these two shows and realised that I am awed by the creativity of the contestants. Wait, let me finish. I know some of you are saying, Top Model, creativity huh??. In defense, this is coming from someone who cannot pose for a photo to save my life. Irony is I love taking photos, but I just look strange(ama am I just generally strange looking) in them and had not realised it actually takes some level of skill to pull of a “sultry, sad, sexy, angry” etc etc look, perhaps also known as being photogenic. Project Runway is exceptional. I guess because I do not have a creative bone in my body, thier ability to come up with clothes is fascinating. Did I say I love the show.. I love love it. While on the topic of design, I decided sometime back that I would like for my wedding dress to be ivory with a deep luscious red wine color somewhere on it! That’s all I know about my wedding dress!

I found an amazing website. For those of you inclined towards all things christian this is for you. www.feasite.com. I am hooked, loving the stuff.

And finally, I am doing good.

Bad News.

Remember I mentioned that I was going for an iterview..well I went and a week later got a regret letter. I was crushed! Reason……. it was my first in six months and I enjoyed the interview and thought it went well. So in reharshing my failure I thought (be warned: very juvenile thought) I was disqualified due to my acne! I told you juvenile, but I was having a flare up and I was looking like something even a cat would not drag in.. what to do….so anyway, did not get the job we keep moving.

Good thing is that I now know more danish, enough to understand about 70% of job ads in Danish. Before I was limited to searching for jobs vacancies in English only, now I feel abit more confident..so who knows.. watch this space. (but I gotta say, this job hunting stuff is a right soul destroyer).

My acne is just ugh! So the flares have sorta subsided and now I am left with the hyperpigmentation, I HATE HATE acne. Currently cannot use my normal medication so ugh! But I sorta have it under control. A little of benzoly Peroxide goes a long way. To all the ignorant people who believe it is due to one’s diet.. you get a finger from me! (now that is not so godly of me)

In conclusion, that is all from Mrembo’s ville. Nothing much going on. Just more Danish school, job hunting, house hunting and boy am I looking forward to 2007.. it cannot be as rough as 2006 has been and if it will be… well…. I just will leave Denmark 🙂 .

Who is he?

Reverend Haggard that is???…. he has been popping up all over the x-tian sites I visit and I just have no idea who he is and why the whole hulla ballu!!! I assume he was like one of them BIG evangelists in US… and I cannot seem to find anything on him except the scandal.. please educate a girl….. not that it is that important.. just curious.

I am hungry!