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Who is he?

Reverend Haggard that is???…. he has been popping up all over the x-tian sites I visit and I just have no idea who he is and why the whole hulla ballu!!! I assume he was like one of them BIG evangelists in US… and I cannot seem to find anything on him except the scandal.. please educate a girl….. not that it is that important.. just curious.

I am hungry!


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  1. Hi Mrembo
    First time commentor on this blog, long time fan of KBW and long time commentor on other KBW blogs
    I’m also kenyan and a chrisitan
    Ted Haggard-the Senior Pastor of New Life Church,(http://www.newlifechurch.org/)
    President of the National Association of Evangelicals(NAE)
    Great man, been to Africa many times
    Further than that, i can’t comment about what’s happening to him at this time

  2. Hi!
    This should also help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Haggard
    I guess another one bites the dust!

  3. kenyangay said:

    He is another of those ‘hell and damnation’ preachers who has been preaching on homosexuality and the bible blah blah…am sure you know the type.

    Well turns out he has been having a gay relationship with a gay escort no less!!

    A hypocrite if there is one

  4. He’s the head of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals, as well as one of Bush’s spiritual advisors (something they’re trying to hide) and a major proponent against gay marriage.

    Involved in a scandal about using meth and enjoying the services of a male escort over a period of time.

  5. I actually felt sorry for the way the he was “busted”… and could not help wonder at his stupidity.. how dumb can you get, if you are on the down low.. stay there, don’t be hyping anti-down low… when you are the epitome of it… poor dude! and to think last year he was on Time Magazine’s 25 most influential people in America….pole sana dude!!

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