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Of Reading

M has a fantastic post about reading (from which I borrowed the topic of this post) and I felt challenged / convicted to stand up and be counted. Yes I do read and not only romance books!!! 🙂

So was thinking of which books I have read recently that I loved or which books are on my automatic “will read” list and here goes.

Auto “will read” list:

  • Anything by David Morrell. Read his lastest book “Creepers” thought it was fantastic.
  • Anything by J California Cooper. Last one I read was “Stars seeking Sunshine”
  • Anything by Francine Rivers. I think I have read all she has save for the man of God and woman of God series.
  • Linda Howard and Laura Kinsale – Romance writers. Laura, I believe is in a class of her own when it comes to romance. Infact I dishonour her by catergorising her with Linda Howard. (however on that note, I am not reading romance anymore.. God help me!!!)
  • Thats all I can think of now. I am more of a fiction girl than I am non fiction. But If the subject appeals I will read. That being said. I did enjoy Hillary Clinton and Jane Fonda autobiographies. I also did read Lord of the Rings but refuse to read Harry Potter.. a book bigger than the bible.. what the heck is she saying???

I do read African writers but shy away from colonial based books. Had enough of those in high school literature. i have read a number but do not remember the authors or titles.

So anyway, I just wanted to stand up and be counted as one of those people who reads. M… thank you for the challenge.


Comments on: "Of Reading" (6)

  1. That was indeed a good post. I am trying to get hold of some African writers but you would be surprised at how expensive those books are out here, so I am simply reading whatever else I can get hold of.

  2. Im with Aco and the African writers.
    I am on the hunt like whoa but sadly, not many libraries have them so I am visiting B&N.

    cant wait for school to end for this sem so that I can start attacking all the books on my list!

  3. I live Francine Rivers. have you read “Redeeming Love?” You will probably enjoy it a great deal.

  4. I love Francine Rivers. Have you read “Redeeming Love?” You will probably enjoy it a great deal.

  5. You are losing on the Harry Potters.Great Stories.

  6. Princess: Yes I have read “Redeeming love” and re-read it every 2 to 3 years.

    Shiroh: I will wait till the urge overcomes me.. but for now… no way.. I enjoyed the first film after that.. the rest have been down hill.

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