A few things about me


I am bored!

Bored with language school. Bored with the routine that is my life. Simply bored and to make it an especially boring interesting day, I woke up with “home” on my mind…..and that is not necessarily a good thing!

Boredom aside, I find myself in an intresting predicament. The piece of shit car that has been at my disposal up and died on me. The report from the mechanic is that it is beyond salvaging and I should try and sell it. Thing is Mrembo has never bought nor sold a used car and the propsect is a tad daunting…….watch this space!


Comments on: "Bored!" (3)

  1. future dip said:

    Selling a used car is such a daunting thing. I just decided to donate mine

  2. mine is undonatable! The undercarriage is RUST galore..so just thinking of dumping it or selling it to someone who wants to use whatever they can salvage from it!

  3. Pole sana.All the best with that!

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