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The article following below is from the Sunday Vision

10.12.06(Ugandan local newspaper)

You decide for yourself. I am not sure how factual his statement is, lakini is sounds like hogwash and stupidity at it’s atmost. And to think this is the second-in-command in Uganda… what hope is there for us?

PS. posho is the name for Ugali in Uganda, also known as maize meal.

Ban posho, says VPBy Fortunate Ahimbisibwe

VICE-President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya has criticised the use of posho (maize meal) as a staple dish in schools.

Bukenya, who was on Thursday meeting MPs from the upland rice growing areas urged that the eating of posho in schools be outlawed.

“Maize floor contains mainly carbohydrates for muscle-building, but undermines the development of the children’s brains,” said Bukenya at the cabinet library in Kampala.

He said maize was introduced in the country in 1934 from South America and was used to feed prisoners to strengthen them to do manual labour as well as weaken their brains.

“Why have we continued weakening our children’s brains?” Bukenya asked.

The Vice-President said there was need to identify foods with nutrients that will enhance mental development.

“Rice contains the essential minerals for brain development, more than what you get from most of the other foods and vegetables,” he said.

Bukenya said maize degraded soil quickly, as its roots allow water to easily seep through.

He encouraged MPs to promote upland rice growing, which he said could boost household earnings, contribute to family food security and improve family nutrition, especially in rural areas.

Posho and beans became the staple dish in many boarding schools in the 1970s during the economic slump that followed Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asians.

Posho was found to be a lot cheaper and much easier to prepare than local foods like bananas which have to be peeled.

As the country’s economy continued to plummet in the 1980s, posho became a staple in most homes in Uganda, a situation compounded by the outbreak of diseases that attacked bananas and cassava crops.

Comments on: "Out of the mouth of an “idiot” aka Vice President" (2)

  1. Common sense isn’t as common as you think it is!

  2. Hey,

    Did you get your tall high bed? I may be able to talk Erik the red into selling our bed for cheap… maybe…. I haven’t read all your blog where in DK are you???

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