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My Take on Pregnancy!

Whenever I hear “I was full of energy!” “It was just a breeze for me” from previously pregnant women I just want to kick them or something.

Being pregnant has been a rollercoaster and a half and most times it has just been a pain in the behind. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that there hasn’t been any complications or the like, however……ugh!

The absolute worst part is the TOTAL LOSS OF CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN BODY. It literally feels like there is an alien in you. Like in the movie “Aliens” something growing in you that should not be there. I hate the weight gain. I am obsessed with my body, which is the only thing I feel that I am able to control (within limits ofcourse). I can’t run, can’t work out, can’t lie on my tummy (best sleeping position) can’t bend, cant’t do this or the other! I have not liked being pregnant and I cannot wait for the baby to come forth!

That’s my take and I ain’t changing it!

And how could I forget the ACNE!!! that alone is enough to put me off having a second baby! The face is kabisa messed up. I look like a “spotted dick” (that is the genuine name of British pudding). Ok let me be honest, the acne is gone, but I am now left with the ravages of the hyperpigmentation i.e. the black spots left after picking at the acne. I look BAD and I am not even joking. I have searched the net for all sorts of safe, peeling, bleaching etc stuff and cannot find anything “safe”. My last alternative is to visit a dermatologist and have a surface peel done. BUT and it is a big but (as you can see) I am not too sure I trust the muzungu doctor to handle my skin. White people do not exactly suffer from hyperpigmentation. What if he burns me with the acid. Lord I am desparate!

Pregnancy sucks!


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  1. Hnag in there girl!! When are you due? You should try the Neutrogena astrngent..the blue one that contains salycilic acid!! I have seen it work miracles on dark spots left by acne! It worked on a couple of my buddies!

  2. I guess that will mean no more babies then? Seems to me like you are the first KBW mummy!

  3. Yea, neutrogena seems to work on black spots. it has the on-the-spot acne treatment as well.

    I have problem skin but found a good unconventional combination. It includes the neutrogena deep clean wash (orange in color), clear essence toner (botanical with lemon and vitamin C). For the face cream, i apply clear essence botanical formula-‘skin smoothing creme’. The botanical range smells lemon-great and works wonders! and doesn’t contain the banned, bleaching substances like the clear essence platinum/classical range.

    as for being pg, I so envy you. I am working toward that as well….

  4. mwariwadavid said:

    pole sana. Good things come with a price but it won’t be long before it’s all over. better luck in the remaining time.

  5. awww, pregnant,cuuute!! the best to you mami.
    It shall come to pass. One of my gals was whining like you, but when the baby came, she is so elated, that stuff is so moot now.

    Have a great pregnancy else.

  6. It is only for a while mrembo and you will be fine in no time at all.
    all the very best!

  7. surambaya said:

    You will be fine girl. I won’t even mention the love with which that young one will in look your eyes with everytime you hold them in your arms – priceless…I have photos of my mum when she was pregnant with me and I think she was adorable – she was 21 and am sure that is the time that it struck my old man that he was really lucky. Go forth and multiply beautiful and pander not over the little discomforts of such noble an undertaking.

  8. Princess: Thanks for the suggestion. I had actually been using products with salycillic acid and had an allergic reaction. I think I used them to much. My last attempt was proactive and I guess it works on very mild acne, did not do ish for me.

    Aco: Perhaps, perhaps not, who knows, I was a bit hesitant to put up info of my impending motherhood, but thought, what the heck!

    AK: Intersting you should mention Clear Essence. I have been seeing the ads on CNN (of all the channels) but have been worried it may contain the banned bleaching agents. I am afraid to get that burned unnatural look. In Ug we used to call the bleached women “fanta/coca cola. Given I am now an “expert” on skin stuff, I will read the ingredients list and see if I should try it. Glad your regime is working for you. All the best with the trying. I am positive it will work out!!!!

    Mwariwa & Prou: Thank you for the encouragement!

    Kenyan Musing & Surambaya: I am looking forward to meeting my baby and every time he pulls a prank, I will remind him (or her) of the ish I went through!! 🙂 and tell her/him “usinilete”

    Thanks people. I have six weeks left and counting. Trying to get all the shopping finished and move into the new flat at the same time..so a little busy but all is good. Rather busy than bored which I have so been.

    You will hear from me soon!

  9. Hey mama-to-be…6wks to go, wow! Have so many questions..First, has it been tough not to find out the sex of the baby( I assume from your comments you don’t know yet?) Have you considered what kind of birth you’re hoping to have- Natural with/without pain meds/planned c-section/Water birth? Do you have ideas for names? I thought about just emailing you; however, I couldn’t find an address on your blog..Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy last few weeks and delivery..

  10. Medusa:
    No, it has not been hard not to find out the sex. Even before I ever got pregnant, I always used to say I did not want to know, so that was never an issue. The last scan is done at 24 weeks and by then it is a bit too early to tell the sex.
    Funny you should ask about what kind of birth. Yesterday I visited the hospital. We got a tour of the Antenatal wing and in the birthing room was this lovely big CLEAN bathtub, where one, if wishing so, could have their baby. I do not want a water birth.. maybe with the second baby.. but with my first I will be on the bed!

    We have names picked out…and I ain’t yet spilling the beans!
    Thank you for the good wishes.
    Oh and I should put up my contact details.

  11. interesting…. here’s a good site on pregnancy and child care. http://www.pregnancyweeklyguide.com

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