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Leave her alone

I don’t know if some of you have heard all the drama about Tyra Banks putting on weight. The saga has been in the tabloids and “E-TV”, my source of all hollywood gossip. Now here is the thing. I am 5ft10″ just like Tyra. I don’t have the same frame that she does. She has a smaller frame but bigger galz (don’t evny her one bit on that issue!!) . Apparently she has gained 30-40pounds i.e 13.6-18.14Kgs and now stands at a “staggering” 160 pounds approx 73Kgs …(ehm..Mrembo’s goal weight). So there I am watching this whole thing on “E-News” doing the calculations, (cause I understand Kgs better than pounds lbs) and thinking to myself

“there are some hungry people in show biz”

So I continue doing the math and figure out that she weighed around 60-65kgs. I once got down to 68 Kgs and I did not like the way I looked. (believe me I was not dieting. I was in a country where I hated the food, had no money and lived on bread and tea with cold milk for two weeks). And “they” have the nerve to wonder why young girls are all messed up. Leave Tyra alone. She better than anyone else knows all about weight and image etc etc. She has earned the right to eat a frigging hot dog… or two… ama 3!!!!

Talking of weight. I am still holding my weight gain at 11.7 kgs. Please God Please, help me not get beyond 13kgs. I have upped my activity kidogo and trying to eat less……don’t tell me nothing, the baby won’t starve, I have more than enough fat reserves to feed the little one! And yes I am bonafide certified over obssessed with my weight! there I said it, you don’t have to tell me!


Comments on: "Leave her alone" (3)

  1. They need to leave Tyra alone and focus on other things!!! They wonder why ladies are obsessed with their weight..well it is because the minute you gain a little everyone makes a big deal!!!

  2. surambaya said:

    I had a girlfriend that was 5-10 and weighed in at 110-115. She had all the necessary curves and was quite a looker – she was her obsession with gaining weight so much so that pp would stare at amazement when we ate out. I was a gym trainer in nairobi then and I had to eat endlessly. It was hilarious watching this tall couple gobble down mountains of food and walk out with straight faces like nothing happened. I think Tyra is getting to her normal physiological level after years of dieting and am sure she’s more comfortable now than ever. PS: At 5-10 you are fine girl; eat three hotdogs and smile about it – life’s too short…

  3. I guess what she is going thru comes with the territory.

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