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Men’s pregnancy signs

A silly thought entered my mind and I entertained it and ended up cracking myself up. Here’s what I was thinking

“Men should have been made in such a way they can share the pregnancy experience….God should have made it so that thier balls grow big as the pregnancy develops. You know just like a woman’s breasts. All the itching, tenderness, expansion and senstivity..that way every time a guy makes a woman pregnant, he cannot deny the child because his balls are growing and developing and in that way too, they will be more into using protection” 😀

That was too funny.. I could just picture it and was like ewe! lol!…just a thought


Comments on: "Men’s pregnancy signs" (5)

  1. It would be interesting to see pregnant men. However, men are such babies when they are sick so perhaps it would not be such a great idea..they wouldn’t be able to handle the hormone changes.

  2. …the men would make such a fuss about their itching parts overshadowing even the pregnancy and in the process making their pregnant partner’s work even harder.

  3. y’all cannot be serious!!

  4. Good thing God had other ideas….

  5. Men should really count themselves lucky! hehehe!

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