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Yesterday I heard a statement from Mr. Baraka Obama, while he was being interviewed by Ms. Winfery. Mr. Obama was promoting his book “The Audacity of Hope” which I intend to amazon very soon. The question he posed was that every person should stop and look at thier lives and ask “am I useful”. To that I add a “is what I am doing useful”

I swear I had a eureka light bulb moment there and then. I even heard the “ping” go off in my head.

I realised that in my quest to find 100% contenment and happiness (whatever that is) I need to make my life useful. Part of my frustration and restlessness has come from feeling USELESS, a burden, non contributor to society, selfishly getting by, trying to amass more and more wealth (of which I do not even have any yet). A body just existing and not contributing. I fully believe that a level of contentment comes from being useful.

I look no further than my own family and think that my father is a very useful human being. His life has touched so many others around him and benefited them. So has my mothers’. Through thier work, thier help to family members etc etc.

My quest now is to be useful in my current capacity as partner and mother to be: But how
-Create a cozy, comfy home for the 2…soon to be 3 of us. (we are moving tomorrow)
-Be a supportive, loving partner to Big Al (he works his ass off to keep me in the the standard I am used to….hehehehe..I am serious though)
– Continue to learn the danish language (my passport to working life)
-Be the best mother I know how to be
-Lose the freaking weight I have gained (of course some frivolity has to factor in my contentment plan)
-Learn to be content in the here and now and not lose sight to the future to come.


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  1. Obama is a great inspiration and please hurry & get the book. I am midway through despite getting it on Dec 25 (my busy schedule leaves just 2 hrs a day to read texts).

    We’re all useful in our unique ways & the more we question our roles on this earth the more we realize we have a responsiblity to others. Am sure your parents have been a positive influence on your’s & other pple’s lives. Bet you will carry on that tradition.

    Living in Denmark am sure you will pick up the language faster…assuming you live in areas where it’s spoken by all?

  2. Oh kudos for this:
    i) Your big up to Big Al &
    ii) “-Learn to be content in the here and now and not lose sight to the future to come.”

  3. Great book by Obama but am still feeling Dreams of my father more. Speaking of which it’s now official…the gentleman is stepping up and going for the big prize.

  4. Hey Mrembo – check out Barack Obama’s announcement speech – http://www.barackobama.com/2007/02/10/remarks_of_senator_barack_obam_11.php. As I read it I couldn’t help but imagine how people would react to these kind of words back home. From a man with a vision, with the will to succeed and full of purpose. This is the kind of leader we need in Africa. It must be the kind of leader that those of us young people must aspire to be.

  5. mwariwadavid said:

    good luck in your quest for usefulness and like Akiey says , we are all useful in our own small ways. I am sure you are a great force towards big Als success…

  6. mwariwadavid said:

    Oh, and just noticed that we share a blog look…

  7. Aikey: – The language thing is going good. Just today morning I had to call the doctor and get some info etc and Big Al was a tad surprised at how much danish I speak and understand. See the weird thing is we do not use it btw the two of us. But it is going good so far.

    Surambaya:-I had no idea he had two books out. I guess I will be buying them both and thanks for the link to the speech. I actually read all through and was very impressed. Can our leaders even compose such a speech leave alone that the speech should be in Kiswahili in order to reach the masses….. me thinks not.. but we are going somewhere. I think Kenyan politics in on the right growth track.

    Mwariwadavid:- I certainly hope that I have been an influence in Big Al’s success. Thanks!

  8. You are pregnant!!! Congratulations. Wow, I just wanted to say thanks for helping out what seems like ages ago. I have been in Denmark for 4 months now, busy making my new life. I love it here although big city girl is getting fed up with small town. Vivement a driver’s license so that I can run away to Aalborg sometime.

  9. Hey Isabelle, took me a second to remember you, then I remembered your user name. Good to know that all is going well with you.

  10. Barrack Obama rocks!!I am about to purchase his new book. I loved his first one!!!

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