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The saga that was Anna Nicole Smith and the ongoing Britney Spears thing made me stop and think for a bit.

When I heard that Anna Nicole Smith had died, I felt inexplicably sad. I kept saying to myself “you hardly knew this woman, never saw her TV show, so why are you sad for her”. As the fight for ownership of her body continues and more fathers come forth claiming her little baby, the sadder I feel about the whole situation. The little I have seen of her is just heartbreaking. Stoned half the time, crazy life style, a very lost person.

Then Britney Spears started unravling. With shame I admit I was entertained to watch her falling apart then in the midst of it all I started feeling a lot of compassion for her and here is why.

(I am speculating on a whole lotta stuff and my source of info is simply the media so I may be totally off base here).

My compassion came about when I remembered my mental emotional state the first 4-5months of my life in Denmark. I was aTOTAL wreck. So I imagine that Britney is going through some shit right now and to make it worse infront of the media. In a town where people only know you when you have money. Yani I felt sorry for her. That whole cutting her hair thing.. I so did my share too.

So while her “issues” make for entertainment remember that she is a person going through some shit and hopefully she will make it through. And yes I do not think she is a complete vicitim, a lot of stuff we do in life is a consequence of our choices etc etc (Dr Phil stuff). But for anyone who has been down the tunnel that has no light, it don’t matter who you are its a shitty place to be.

Peace and Love to Britney and R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith.


Comments on: "Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith and me" (2)

  1. Britney’s issues go way way back. People said when she got rid of K-fed that she would get better but we know that isnt the case, he is gone and she has gone straight down hill! She needs to stay in rehab!
    As for Anna Nicole Smith, there is nothing good I can say about that 4 ring circus.

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