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And baby makes 3!!!!

It all started on 27th February 2007 at 7.30am and ended on 1st March 2007 at 03:10am. Little Nikholai was born to us.

Let it be known that unless you have experienced it, all the “it’s painful, labour is hard work”, etc cannot be fully appreciated until you experience it. Strangely enough when the midwife lay him on my belly immediately after birth I thought “OK.. so this is what giving birth is about, I can do it again”. During the whole process what kept me going was the thought that I was no where near the first nor last woman to give birth, so I had to get on with it.

All my intentions of doing it naturally when out the window when on 28th Feb at around 6.00pm or 7.00p the attending midwife insisted that I get the epidural because I was still a long way from the end. I finally agreed and praise be to God for about 4 hours it was all ok till the last 2 to 3 hours when it all became “au naturel”

Here are pics of my little boy.

So how goes it….. well, I am totally sleep deprived and tired. He is a little angel by day and little bandit by night. He keeps me up from 3.00am to 6.30am. I try to get sleep when he does especially in the morning. I get 2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the evening.

I have shed so many tears since he was born. Mostly tears of worry and being overwhelmed. I have no idea what I am doing. It took about 3 days for milk production to begin and the nurses were reluctant to have him take the bottle, so crying was in order for me :-). I have been talking to my mum every 2 or so days. Its strange how just hearing her say “he is fine and he will grow well do not worry” is so reassuring.

All in all we are doing well. I expect it will get better and I will grow in confidence that I am doing the right thing.


Comments on: "And baby makes 3!!!!" (16)

  1. Congrats!!! What a beautiful baby. Looks big too:) I can’t believe that it’s a new born. Best wishes to the three of you.

  2. Congratulations! My friend has been in tears for a good month now. They had a baby lakini analia sana! ‘Washa nione bisha’

    Again congrats to both of you!

  3. Congrats! Looks like you put a password required lock on the pics of your little one – so, I didn’t get to see him:-(

  4. Oops, my bad! I did get to see the pics when I scrolled down to the bottom. He is adorable. Congrats again.

  5. Congratulations!!
    Trust your mom, you will all be fine.

  6. Don’t know what I’ve done to WordPress… this is the third time I’m writing this comment. So, whereas the others were longer, I’ll keep this short…


  7. Wow! Baby is gorgeous! Congratulations Mrembo, getting broody just looking at your baby.

  8. surambaya said:


  9. To everyone who commented: Thank you for the felicitations. I am certainly on a steep learning curve at the moment and trying to keep a brave front. The little one has been suffering from a runny tummy and everyone is assuring me ati that is normal… I ain’t having it. Luckily the community nurse is coming tomorrow and I will not let her leave till I am satisfied.

    See y’all when I see ya!

  10. mwariwadavid said:

    Wow! Congratulations Mrembo! Just seen your post! He is adorable…and now we know one more thing about big Al…

  11. So… is the community nurse stashed into a wardrobe in your house until further notice or did she give your the answers you were looking for?

  12. Rombo, that is funny. No she came and kinda made things even more confusing. Ati I am feeding him too much. This she said when she noticed that after he burped he had brought up some milk. So ofcourse I was worried stiff ati I am overfeeding. Then she noticed he had a little infection and said I had to take him to the Daktari by Friday if the infection had not cleared up.

    So yesterday (thursday) we went to Doc and two docs looked at him and declared him infection free and developing well. And shock horror, the older doc informed me that a boob full of milk is emptied in 6 to 7 minutes by a healthy suckling baby. That statement lifted a load off. I was wondering why my ka-man would only feed for few minutes then it was over.

    Nurse will be back in 2 weeks time. I am feeling a little confident every day. We got over the worst. I had not been burping him cause my ka-book on babies said ati it is not necessary. Poor baby was screaming every time he had to poop or pass gas. The internet saved the day and last 2 days have been so much better. So that is how it goes.

  13. Hey congratulations (belated) are in order.

    May he grow to be a good boy who loves mummy

  14. Kenyan Pundit said:

    Belated congrats from fellow new Mama! I can’t imagine how you are doing it without help! My newbie advice, trust your instinct especially when bombarded with conflicting info and don’t be scared to seek help or seem like a fussy mum until you get your issues resolved. I know how bad the gas storo can be…it’s supposed to get better as they mature (at least that’s what they tell me). Also don’t be afraid to have your partner supplement na chupa once or twice a day and give yourself a break.

  15. Princess said:

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy!!! He is too cute for words!!

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