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Being Mama Nik

The 7th week will roll in on Thursday, 2 days from today. It has been a journey frought with tears, both mine and Niks, learning, and frustration.

The one big lesson I would like to share is this…Zungus just have no clue about breastfeeding. That is my take on it. Mara I was being told to feed him every 2 hours then it was every 3 hours. (my sweets suffers from gas making him semi colic). Then I was not feeding him enough, etc etc. Finally I found a website that said “traditional societies (aka like where I am from) do not have children who are colicky and if they do they measure crying in minutes and not in hours like here.. The babies are also fed on demand and not on a schedule”

That was my light bulb moment, I threw out the schedule and feed Nik when he wants. Truth be told, my kababy only cries kidogo. Don’t get me wrong he will fuss mightly when he has gas, but rarely does it lead to a full scream. I am also learning that he is a little sensitive and likes to be near mum. If he wakes up from sleep and mine is not the first face he sees, he unleashes his scream. He hates his pram, and will only go in when asleep. I have one of those fancy baby carrier things and what I really want is to learn how to carry him in a leso.

The other day I tried and was too scared cause he is still so small. I know how to do the leso on an older child..so today I want to go and buy the baby sling so that we can go out more.

I wanted to post pics of Nik here but they are too big and it is too much work to resize them..I’ll get Big Al to do it for me.


Comments on: "Being Mama Nik" (5)

  1. Hi rembo, good to know you are coping. i also think babies should be fed when they are hungry, that schedule thing is just sooo….dutch! ok ninawaonea! I don’t have one yet but i have taken care of very young ones, plus one on way…secret!

    Oh the leso, is it more comfy than the frontal sling? some dutch admitted to me that baby carrying is something they have learnt from Africa and they just modified the sling. So the original leso must still rock in that case!
    all the best

  2. mwariwadavid said:

    Sasa mrembo- I seeing you are learning things along the way-I also tended to do things my way…though alot of trial and error was performed along the way. There is no one ‘true’ way of raising kids, and what works this month may not work next month…I just went with the flow and even amongst my kids, they were all different, so I had no benefit of a blueprint whatsoever.

  3. Ak- congrats on the secret and hope that the journey to the big day will be without problems or complications. I have the BabyBjorn carrier thing which is ok, but it get a tad heavy on the shoulders…hehe my baby is packing on the kilos quickly. So yesterday I went and bought the modified leso thingy called a Baby carrier….. I am still trying to figure out how to carry him in it. He does not look comfy at all. 🙂 hopefully i will be able to use it when he isa couple of months older.

    Mwari: kweli kulea siyo muchezo. today he is having a colic fit after 3 days of peace…as u can imagine my nerves are drawn tight. What i would do 4 a blueprint 🙂

  4. Princess said:

    Sounds like you are enjoying motherhood!! Cannot wait for the pics!!

  5. Congratulations again. I’m now going to be a regular at your blog b/c i love every baby to pieces.

    From my minimal knowledge on babies feed Nik whenever he wants.

    I’m sure by now you’ve learnt all the cues like when he puts his hand in his mouth that’s one of the cues that he wants to eat. Crying is the latest cue in feeding a baby.

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