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Thou shalt be named….

New saga.

So the other day Big Al ,baby and I go to the church which houses the local registry office. We were there to register baby Nik as required by law. Prior to that he was only recognised by his CPR number (like ID number) that is attached to both Big AL’s and my details.

The gentleman was welcoming and kind. Big Al completes the form and hands it over. Then the saga begins.

Fact: I have named my child after my father. His second name is my father’s first name.

The officer then says that there is a problem. The African name does not appear on the Danish names database  and we will have to seek permission from the Central Government office incharge of names as to whether we can register that name.

Fact: the Danish government or whoever has a list of all possible Danish names. Both surnames and first/middle names. This database also includes the variation of spellings of a name. For example if you name your child Christine there are only two ways you are allowed to spell it. “Christine or Kristine”.. .. if you start being hot like I was and make a variation like  “Krystine”… that is not acceptable.

Fact:  you cannot give your child a surname as a first name. Example; Jensen is a common Danish surname. One cannot have that as a first name for your child.

Back to daddy’s name. So I looked at the officer and Big Al and said that daddy’s name stays and will be registered. Then the officer asked for proof that that name belongs in my family and I was like what do you want. He says my birth certificate. I was like my birth certificate does not list my parents.

Fact: I was born in another african country that did not find it important to include the parents names, so my birth certificate has only my details.

The officer then says that he will send the form to the main office and we should wait for an answer as to whether they will accept the names.

I have reached the point whereby nothing in Denmark surprises me very much any more. I was like… whatever, but my son will have his middle name as given and it will be registered…..

My question is, what happens with all the Turks, Asians, and Somalis… does the Government  have a database of “acceptable” names

Just another day in Denmark


Comments on: "Thou shalt be named…." (5)

  1. Those damn foreigners! Is what the dude in the gvt office must be saying. I guess they are so used to recycling the same names that they have never had to deal with such an eventuality often. All the best with the naming!

  2. Princess said:

    Hope it all works out!!!

  3. mwariwadavid said:

    as long as you are from some foreign place, such incidents will come your way. Take heart, it shall come to pass

  4. This is so curious. Stifling. Certainly doesn’t seem to be a culture that encourages creativity. Did you ask why? I don’t get it.

    It’d be interesting to find out how and why this came to be.

  5. With a naming system like that, don’t they end up duplicating names?

    Am just wondering what they would do with some creative names we have this side of the world HUrricane Onyango LOL.
    Good luck with the naming.

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