A few things about me

Baby Nik

baby love

He still does that with his hand. Infact I think it was the first thing he did when he was born as if to say,”Oh Lord, life is so hard”

baby love

That chin belongs to his father. The weird thing is that it is all flesh and not a bone! same as his dad.


Sweetiepie sleeps on his tummy! A no-no as far as the health officials here are concerned(due to baby cot death). Thing is, its the only way he will sleep. The first few weeks, I hardly slept because I thought he would die and you know “they” would put me in jail immediately.

Ain’t he a cutie! A chubby cutie! 🙂


Comments on: "Baby Nik" (8)

  1. mwariwadavid said:

    Wow! looks like you are doing a good job of feeding him! He seems so big and so aware. Keep up

  2. oowww so cute

  3. Beautiful baby!
    In that first picture he looks like he is thinking about what to write for his first blog post. mrembojr.wordpress.com? 🙂

  4. Princess said:

    Your son is too cute for words!!!

  5. omg totally beautiful!

    Yup tummy sleeping is not encouraged b/c it’s highly associated w/SIDS (sudden infant demise syndrome)


  6. What a cutie!
    A tad late to the party…but just wanted to congratulate you! Blessings to you and the fam.

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