A few things about me

7 things about me!

Thanks to Mwari you all get to know 7 more things about me…… you may have figured some out….

  1. I have been in love only once in my life. Big Al is the object of that love. This is something I am sorta proud of πŸ™‚ in a self superiority kinda way! Not good but hey.. you wanted to know.
  2. I have a fetish for socks that started many years ago. Actually now that I think about it, Mum is the cause of this. She has always slept with socks on and whenever it got cold we would raid her closet. During a holiday abroad, I bought a stash of bright coloured socks. Since then I have a thing for socks. Just the other day I saw some luxurious pairs at a lingerie shop and intend to get them as my gift to my self for a job well done bringing Nik into this world πŸ™‚ that and a pair of Eco shoes heheheh πŸ˜€
  3. When patience was being doled out during the fabrication of Mrembo, the portion must have run out! Patience is not my strongest suit. I try try try, and sometimes I succeed. Queues and stupidity really do unleash my vice.
  4. I am “fashion challenged” and I don’t really care. Admittedly I am not the worst dresser out there, but I could do with some styling up. This “challenge” extends to decorating my house. I dress for comfort first and foremost. I have items in my wardrobe that are 8 years plus and I am still wearing them. It took a photo for me to get rid of a certain winter coat despite the fact Big Al had been telling me “Sweets let me buy a jacket” and I was like “Nah, buy me shoes” When I saw how ridiculous I looked I was like “Why the heck did you not say something” and he was like “why do you think I kept offering to buy you a jacket”. Needless to say I went a got another one and it took Big Al to get me to get rid of it. If I like it, it stays.
  5. I am very friendly and talkative (too much sometimes). It is rare that I will meet people I am not able to talk to. If I do not like you, I will hardly say much to you and in the presence of very “charismatic” people, I will tend to shut down….. I know when I have been “out talked” πŸ™‚
  6. I lam a tad obsessive about cleanliness and having things “just so”. Drives me nuts when things are not where they are supposed to be.
  7. I love love love to day dream and “night dream” just before I fall asleep. I have been doing this for ever. In my dreams I have been the best talk show host ever, the best African president, an assasin, a billionaire. Ever since I had Nik, it is the one thing that I can still do, so every night before I sleep I indulge. The are two categories to my dreams. Those where I am involved and the “novels” /films i.e. third party dreams. In these I create stories. For example if I watch a movie and I did not like the way it ended, I will create my own version in my head.

In turn I will tag Medusa , Rombo M and Alkags,f they have not been tagged already


Comments on: "7 things about me!" (10)

  1. farmgal said:

    Where do I start…lets see..am fashion challenged too, this leads to alot of fights with my sister when I visit her.
    You having been in love once…bow down to that
    I love five coz am like that too although I never talk too much.
    6…ehhhh no comment
    let wachia there

  2. Kwani farm gal you have been in love how many times – counting currently to 3N of course, lol.

    Mrembo – I also night dream a lot. It’s interesting and a good way to wind the night for me.

    As for number 4, I like to think am just OK fashion wise.

  3. mwariwadavid said:

    ok, where did my comment disappear to?

    I said, good to see that you complied to my tag.

    I get bored with clothes very easily and I always look for opportunities to give out items i no longer like. I maintain a lean wardrobe but with items that i really like….

  4. Fashion… That’s me. Functionality over aesthetics. I bought a new pair of sneakers this year after the ones I’d had for close to 6 years finally gave in. And that extends to the rest of my wardrobe!

  5. Number 5 we are soooo together. I talk to anyone who listens. Subject of conversation differs though.
    As for fashion, I don’t do fashion. I clothe to hide the essentials. I don’t care about colour or design or price for that matter.

  6. […] that I’ve already done a list on 116 things about M, I still find myself roped by supafly warembo into doing a list of 7 of things you don’t know. Very well then my […]

  7. I sat and really tried hard to think of 7seven things about me..and I just couldn’t do it..rather I couldn’t put anything worth writing together..still feel like I’m in a fog..(mostly from medication I’m still taking)..
    Ditto on day dreaming…right now I’m constantly lost in my own world..

  8. Ditto you on the patience…

    I sleep in socks too

    I’m a neat/clean freak

    I’m not much of a dreamer

    Great list…

  9. Point 5 was my favourite! LOL. You sound like a very warmth, smiley person. Nik is blessed to have a mum like you.

  10. Princess said:

    I’m also a neat freak!!! Nice post!!

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